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First DivX compatible DVD player launched

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 22 Oct 2002 7:37 User comments (6)

KiSS Technology was one of the first MP3/DVD hybrid player providers few years ago, based on the same technology as Raite, Yamakawa and few other clones. Now they are the first brand announcing DivX support.
In the MP3/DVD players the mainstream manufacturers like Philips, Pioneer and others followed the example of MP3/DVD players and added MP3 support to their players year or two after these smaller first-to-market companies. It will be interesting to see if the trend repeats itself in DivX support!

SAN DIEGO, CA and HOERSHOLM, DENMARK--(INTERNET WIRE)--Oct 22, 2002 -- DivXNetworks, Inc, the company that created the revolutionary patent-pending DivX video compression technology, and KiSS Technology, a leading Scandinavian manufacturer of DVD products throughout the world, today announced that the DP-450 from KiSS Technology is the first DVD player to offer compatibility with certain versions of DivX video technology.

The KiSS DP-450, set for release in late October, will enable playback of videos encoded in DivX versions 4.xx and 5.xx. Additionally, the two companies are working closely together to develop future products that will be "DivX Certified" and offer full compatibility with all versions of DivX video. DivX video compression technology, often called the "MP3 of video," offers 7-10 times greater compression than MPEG-2 technology with no loss in visual quality. Hailed as a "revolutionary product" by Tom's Hardware Guide, DivX has been downloaded over 70 million times worldwide.

"Our new progressive Scan DP-450 DVD Player with DivX support is hitting the market exactly at the right time and the right price of 400 Euro. We believe that it is important to offer our users support for DivX video above and beyond other video technologies for a number of reasons," said Bo Lustrup, Marketing Manager at KiSS Technology ( "The incredible visual quality, significant brand equity, and vast global demand for DivX video makes the technology a must-have for next-generation video electronics devices, and the addition of DivX compatibility to the DP-450 will give our product a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace."

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6 user comments

123.10.2002 9:01

we-hey... paving the way for a rosier future! :)

223.10.2002 23:44

Sigma Designs... hinted about this back in August 27th

324.10.2002 2:15

Yes I think: it come the time, that principally all of "disc-drivers" especially for non-professionally user must read and understand (WITHOUT ANY PROGRAMMING) the files, that exist on the market, shore the guys from MPEG- or DivX-Co. must get their money, but it can be solved in the way, like ABBA have solve it with all possible recordable media. They have look that much cassettes from each artists was sailed, and only have propose to add a very small amount to all of the sailed record able media. This sum was paid to the artists related to their quantity of original medias. I believe this is correct way. If you only someone, who can work with DivX movies on PC, lets us share your movies by Glad to tell my opinion! Jack

425.10.2002 3:10

why would people want you dvd players and thing like that just download the music games from me or outher and please shae cause more you people share fast we get it oky mpeg4 is better then divx

53.11.2002 23:21

some of you people have posted some really stupid messages on here, ones which no one could possibly read. like the one by microsft. anyway, i think a divx/dvd player is a great idea!

621.1.2003 12:09

MPEG4 IS DIVX! and i also agree Divx/Dvd player is a amazing idea and it was only anout a year ago when i sed i wish one came out and here we go but id wait another year for them to develop and to add the ability to update the system otherwise future divx versions may change the iso. ;)

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