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Laserlock introduces new protections for data and audio

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 26 Nov 2002 12:25 User comments (7)

Today slightly mixed information about new Laserlock products have been published. The Laserlock website gives information about Laserlock STAR-protection scheme.
Laserlock STAR is:
- uncrackable, with no Generic Cracks
- Virtually 100% resistant agaist the latest, advanced copying software and the devices of the global market
- the most compatible copy protection system worldwide (CD-Rom and DVD-Rom drives)
- Totally transparent to replicators and end-users, no passwords, no extra devices.
- Of low cost and hight efficiency.

But the CDFreaks also publish new information, appartently an email from the general director of Laserlock. The letter talks about Laserlock MARATHON and also makes a statement that Laserlock will enter the audio protection market.

Please be informed that on the 25th of November MLS Laserlock releases its NEW VERSION for CD-Rom protection called "MARATHON".

The new version is not only the strongest and most compatible in the market, but most effective against copying software like: Clone CD, Easy CD Creator, Nero, CD-R WIN, Win on CD, Blind Read Blind Write and others… too.

At the same time we also commercially release our protection system for Audio CDs.

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7 user comments

126.11.2002 12:28

well let´s see...

226.11.2002 14:52

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!! Next......

326.11.2002 15:35

Doh! If it is transparent then where is the protection. If you have data on CD to run software on a PC then you have to be able to read it, if you can read the data then you can by-pass any poxy software protection they put on it, i.e. games often look for a protected bit on a CD, if they can't find it they won't run. If you rip-out this bit of code, ta!da! Copy protection gone! It's not rocket science. The same goes for Audio CD. If you can hear it you can copy it! what a waste of money :( Just make the damn CD's cheaper and more will buy them, simple :)

Play Atari today, it won't break-down tomorrow ;-)

426.11.2002 19:27

"-uncrackable". Yeah, that´s what they all say. I must be damned lucky, I have never ran across copy-protection.

529.11.2002 8:26

I've copied a Playstation game with CopyPSX 2000. Nero was way too hard. I was able to copy this game with a little program that I Downloaded from the Internet. It does not worry about Illegal TOC's or rather the CD is a Mixed Mode CD or not. It just copied the games my brother owned for the Playstation 1. This is why they tried to make everyone buy a Playstation 2. The 2 has a DVD ROM, but I don't think there is much difference in graphics as far as the processer goes. In fact I think the companies are just writing better software. If the Copypsx2000 can copy a so called uncrackable playstation game, then I bet it will beat the new "Laserlock" and "Laserlock Marathon" technology as well. Simply put this program does not care how the disk is copied, It just copies what it sees good bad or ugly. It is what the old Commodore 64 and 128 users use to call a "Dumb Copier" which is the "Smart" way to copy any protection scheme in the first place. Unless they can do some physical alterations of your hardware I am sure you'll be able to copy the CD's and make a mockery of these idiots who are wasting our valuable time and money on protection. Becides it is not perfectly clear that making backups is illegal in the first place. Just use PSXCOPY2000 and be done with it. It is available on most good crack sites out there. Just search for it cuz I am not about to tell the damn RIAA where I got it from. I think it is funny every time I use a playstation emulator on my PC and play all the copied ROM's I want.

630.11.2002 5:48

Where do you get copypsx 2000? back to the subject at hand, anyone else think this is funny? Either the Record companies are Naive, or this will really work. but doubts are sure to set in. anyway i have a pain in me gulliver and must leave. g'day

Tromadance, tromadance, tromadance.

730.11.2002 9:57

They tried this before. Digital watermark? There are guys out there right now waiting for Laserlock. Like I said......Next.

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