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Johansen denies charges

Written by Jari Ketola @ 09 Dec 2002 12:22 User comments (7)

Johansen denies charges The DeCSS trial got underway today in Oslo, Norway. As anticipated Jon Johansen, or DVD Jon, like the Norwegians like to call him, pleeded not guilty to the charges on developing a software, that makes it possible to copy movies. Namely he is charged with helping to crack the CSS code, and develop and distribute a program taking advantage of the cracked code.
According to prosecutor Inger Marie Sunde, Johansen collaborated with people from Germany, Russia, Britain, the Netherlands, and the United States on making and publishing DeCSS in 1999 and 2000. At the time Johansen was 15 and 16 years old.

Even though it's true that Johansen took part in developing DeCSS, he had nothing at all to do with cracking the CSS code, which makes the already weak case against him even weaker.

Just to refresh our memory, here's a quote from a three-year-old article written by deZZY/DoD about DeCSS and cracking the CSS code.

Lately, Jon Johansen of MoRE has been pretty much all over the news in Norway, though he had NOTHING to do with the actual cracking of the DVD CSS protection. Yes, it was MoRE who did DeCSS, but the actual crack was not a team effort, MoRE didn't even exist back when the anonymous German (who is now a MoRE member) cracked it...

The trial is due to last five days.

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7 user comments

110.12.2002 19:53

So this guy has become famous without doing anything. Some people have all the luck.

210.12.2002 23:57

Rat bastards, every one of them. Jon, and his story are so well-known now throughout the world, that if Hollywood has the *balls* to imprison Jon, or "seek damages" (oh christ, that's rich, isn't it?), I hope they rot in hell. (Honestly, I'm in a terrifically good mood this morning), but Jon's case epitomises all that is wrong and corrupt with the MPAA. I know *just* how to strike back too, (but you'll have to use your imagination), because I can't say much about it on this site. Suffice to say, I rent (not buy) a lot of dvds these days. And there's a lot of tasty software floating around the net these days, but I've already said too much. -- Mike --

311.12.2002 2:56

The question here is if Johansen can prove that he didnīt do the actual cracking, I doubt the other MoRE members will step out and testify.

411.12.2002 3:09

On the contrary, justice department have to proove that they have solid case against Johansen, so they do have to proove that Johansen did actuall cracking, not opposite way around. So, they have "burden" on their shoulders, not Johansen. And now that it seems that evidents are based on heresay largely, makes me believe that they have very weak case on their hands.

511.12.2002 4:28

But they have to have something on the guy, they wouldnīt sue a person without any evidence. Or does the MPAA and DVDCCA have that much influence?

611.12.2002 21:29

Are you kidding? The MPAA has so much money/power/influence/lawyers/paid politicians, it's not even funny. You and I will never *know* just how much influence they have. And every time you plunk down $35 for a disc that cost $1 to make, their influence gets that much stronger. Also, I think Easycola is right. I think the general law still states that you are innocent until proven guilty. (Unless you live in Iraq of course) <gg> Since it is the MPAA who brought this shameful disgrace of theirs down on Jon's shoulders, it is up to *them* prove Jon is a "criminal". Despite their power, I believe the MPAA knows now that it is skating on thin ice, at least as far as this case is concerned. I bet they would really rather see this thing over and done with. They are trying to 'save face' now, although as far I am concerned, they have no face to save. They have to try, at least in the public's eye, to somehow justify this disgrace they have put themselves in. They're not after Jon (oh, I'm sure they'd lose no sleep screwing Jon into the ground if it suited their own purposes). I really, really *dislike* these guys. All conjecture on my part of course, but Klingons generally have pretty good insight. -- Mike --

712.12.2002 6:53

Itīs a conspiracy! :) I hope they loose!

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