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Nero MP4 AAC encoder preview

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 12 Dec 2002 5:51 User comments (8)

Nero MP4 AAC encoder preview I think we are the first to show you something about the much anticipated upcoming MP4 audio encoder.
It will be very interesting to see if this encoder has an effect on the audio scene. MP4 AAC is the commercial audio alternative for the future. Basically it has similar uses than the open-source OGG Vorbis. MP4 AAC will get a flying start with the user base of Nero, which is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, CD-R applications out there.

Thanks to our friends at the Ahead Software, we are able to show you a little sneek-a-peek about the upcoming MP4 audio encoder. It should be included in the next Nero release. No in depth reviewing or analysis here - just some pictures and introduction to some of the functions.

Nero MP4 AAC preview
Read Ivan Dimkovic interviewed, the author of Nero MP4 AAC encoder.

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8 user comments

112.12.2002 9:29

mp4 lol sounds odd!

212.12.2002 14:58

Which? The name, or the actual .mp4 music files? :-) Do we really *need* yet another audio codec? Aren't the couple of dozen or-so that we have now enough? There's a finite limit to how many audio playback codecs standalone hardware manufacturers are going to incorporate into their new equipment. -- A_Tin_Eared_Klingon --

312.12.2002 15:38

Ah no! Keep em comin. One of these days we will see full songs at cd quality about 200k LOL now, tell me you wouldn't like that! Of coarse thats still a mile away!!! probably like mp8 or something by then lol

413.12.2002 8:56

I think this new format should be welcomed with open arms as a means of upgrading technology and advancing the formats by which we listen to music on. How else are we going to get that new higher plane of quality and standard unless we continue to improve and seek out new codec forms.


513.12.2002 10:03

Well (maybe), but when you really think about it, all it takes is a .25c blank cd to make a *perfect* music cd clone in under 10 minutes, using no compression whatsoever, and you *don't* need to sit hunched over your computer keyboard in order to listen to it unless you want to. (That's what turned me off with .ogg vorbis files). -- Klingeeeeeeeee --

613.12.2002 15:47

And you have the advance of the technology forwarded by new and adventurous codecs to thank for that.


713.12.2002 21:04

I do? Music cd clones don't require a codec. It's a straight one-to-one copy I was referring to. However, "Music. The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the website a/D. It's 5-year mission: To explore strange new software. To seek out new codecs, new formats. To boldly code what no one has coded before!" "Da-Da-Da, da da-da-da-DA!" Whooooooooshhhhhhhh............. -- Lt. Commander Klingy --

814.12.2002 9:25

There are far more important uses for small-bandwidth audio than storing it for your own CD collection. The most notable is probably the mobile streaming, which is actually one place where aacPlus (and AAC itself) is going to be used in near future a lot.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

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