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CDRWIN sold? (again..)

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 17 Dec 2002 14:51 User comments (2)

Once again rumours appear about a sale of Goldenhawk CDRWIN. This time the source hints towards a Japanese buyer - a buyer interested in technology, not the CDRWIN brand. This sounds a bit odd though since CDRWIN's burning core is hardly the best available, or even modern by current standards. Why would anyone buy it?
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Again it bubbles in the rumor kitchen around Goldenhawk's CDRWIN. From a quite reliable source the Goldenhawk was by a Japanese company bought is very probable to experiences. However it is to concern to the new owners more the technology of the software than around the preservation of the software "CDRWin's" - even Jeff Arnold is to have said good-bye to some contact people... The despite do not appear occasionally on the Website still new versions. To the more or less experienced user thereby however surely it will have been noticeable thereby always at new functions liking ELT. Does Goldenhawk stand now thus nevertheless endguelig before the FROM?

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2 user comments

118.12.2002 3:18

Babelfish translations, hilarious.

218.12.2002 13:37

From the source website: Gerüchteküche: Goldenhawk an Japaner verkauft? Vom Montag, 10 Juni, 2002 - burnarchive That's very, very old news!

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