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Norwegian court: Johansen not quilty

Written by Jari Ketola @ 07 Jan 2003 8:27 User comments (18)

Norwegian court: Johansen not quilty Jon Lech Johansen, now 19, was found not quilty on Tuesday by the Norwegian court. Johansen was accused of violating computer break-in laws by contributing to the development of DeCSS, a tool that circumvents DVD copy protection.
"I'm very satisfied. We won support on all points. I had figured that we could win, but it can go either way," said Johansen after the verdict was read.

The three-member court was unanimous in its decision. Hollywood representatives will most likely appeal, because of the nature of the case. The ruling will set a model for courts around the world in future similar cases.


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18 user comments

17.1.2003 13:09

Best news I've read all day !!!

27.1.2003 13:26

Well that's excellent to hear!

37.1.2003 13:56

Thats good to hear,.keep up the good work guys Tim2k


47.1.2003 15:23


57.1.2003 15:28

Great site seamonkey! planning on updating soon??


67.1.2003 16:40

i think so... going to revamp the main entrance to a non-flash version and probably make a navigation bar and also add more sections to the xbox area.. if anyone has any suggestions on what they want to see, let me know.. thanks for visiting... peace

77.1.2003 18:50

UNANIMOUS DECISION !!!!! 25-PAGE RULING !!!!!!! INNOCENT ON _A-L-L_ COUNTS !!!!!!!!!!!! JON, C-O-U-N-T-E-R S-U-E !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pain and suffering. Emotional distraught. Defamation of character. Mental Auguish. Wrongful (something-or-other). For punitive damages. For court costs. For having your life put on Freeking HOLD for four years!! SUE - SUE - SUE - SUE - SUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or settle out-of-court for nothing less than $5,000,000, and a written apology that you can freely post up all over the Internet)!!! Bravo! Well Done! Congratulations! I am PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Klingy --

87.1.2003 20:39

Excelent news. This is not only a great day for Johansen, but also for people like us. It shows that not all governments are willing to comply with what the MPAA and RIAA (and the rest of the gang) dictates.

97.1.2003 20:55

Well, if Norway wouldn't be so darn expensive place for foreigner, I would move my cracked arse there asap, due to this ruling...:) It went just like I expected.

108.1.2003 05:03

It's not over here in the US however. Please visit and send emails, letters and faxes to congress and senate. Alert the media as well from this site. Tell your friends, your co-workers, your family. Choose your words, our words or a combination of both. Back end engine does all the work and delivery. Cheers!

118.1.2003 09:15

Robert, I was actually thinking about emailing you today and asking how things are right now over there at 321 Studios. How are things with the countersuit etc? I'm sure you have the full support of the community behind you -- and the support of tons of other people as well, in your struggle! Keep up the good work!

Jari Ketola

128.1.2003 09:44

I don't know to what lengths the MPAA would go to hurt/discourage/discredit 321 Studios; I'm not sure even *they* know - but I don't trust them, I don't like them, and I wouldn't put *anything* past them. What would they stop at? It's scary to think. It's comforting to know that Court Decisions hold some Legal Weight, even with seemingly unstoppable Monopolies like the MPAA. What are the chances of any appeal by the MPAA being successful after the ground-breaking decision made in Norway? (There are a lot of paid self-interests in Norway too; it's a wonderful miracle these selfish interests were bypassed!) It's not just 321 vs MPAA or vice versa - it's all of US, headed by 321 against them. And there are a _LOT_ of _US_ out there! We buy their stuff. Without US, *they* don't exist - it's so easy for people to forget this. Yes, Robert, to the extent that you *can* say anything (safely), I too am very interested in how 321 is legally faring. We're all watching, but current news is sparse. Frankly, I just wish all of this nightmare was behind us (and you) so that we could all get on with our lives. It's anybody's guess how long this thing could drag out. But I am a pit bull terrier (with a cute smile) when it comes to things like this. Watching, waiting........ -- Mike --

138.1.2003 10:58

"We buy their stuff. Without US, *they* don't exist - it's so easy for people to forget this." Theoreticly we could bring down all these organizations. But can you imagine how hard it is to get people involved into a movement like this. Even if aD members went along with it, there would still be masses of people out there who donīt know/donīt care/both what the situation is like. They donīt mind too much if they wonīt be able to play their CDs in a computer and they sure as hell donīt care about that they canīt watch their DVDs in Linux. We understand and are willing speak our minds, but the average teen-age Britney Spears-fan doesnīt.

148.1.2003 12:50

true.. most people are 'sheep'... but most people here aren't, thus why i love this place!! we are the type of people that get a huge smile at 3am after backing up our first dvd or game... we are the people that spend hours posting replies to message boards just to help another one of our own out.. we are the people who drive the industry... we are a community...! peace seamonkey420

158.1.2003 13:09

Excellent!, excellent! Post sea monkey!


169.1.2003 01:11

Of Course! Everyone of you guys is 'FAM'!! I knew that from Day 1 when I found this place way back in the early '60's. <joke> :) We have to look out for each other. GhostDog - Hopefully, the avg. Britney Spears teen fan will grow weary of shelling out $30-a-pop, and slowly, if necessary, come to the realization that they are being boned up the a-- for that little .05c piece of polycarbonate. THAT is something they *will* eventually notice when mom and dad say 'No'. -- Klingy --

179.1.2003 04:31

Letīs hope so.

182.6.2003 14:47

thanks rhmoore I sent out some e-mails, just hope those people read it or care, plus it takes more that just a few people to write congress and senate - we all have to get our word out to get the upperhand on the MPAA (they would steal our right to breath if they could!) we are the line to stopping all this, we are the last stop, our voice is all there is aginst the power weilders, if we sit aroung like sheep long enough, the wolves will shurly devour us. We create the future, its up to us to change what we dont like. I cant stand the MPAA or anyone like that who think they can push us around or try to muscle our elected official to passing dumb laws that take away our feedoms. Tell your officials, let them know how u feel - and if they dont listen, dont vote for them, if they listen to the MPAA I will not vote for them, the MPAA is few, we are huge in number - we control who gets to office - the people call the shots not a few money bag business people. And there are more normal everyday people that care about this issue more and more everyday!

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