AfterDawn: Tech news hacked again

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 12 Jan 2003 11:56 User comments (7)

Hackers are having fun with the RIAA. This time their site was hacked to promote file sharing tools, such as eMule and Kazaa.
-RIAA - 0wn3d by.... ;p
-oooh riaa want's to hack Filesharing -Users / Servers ? - better learn to secure your own server...
-Sorry Admin - had to deactivate ur accounts - they'll be reactivated after 2 hours
-greetz : Rage_X, BRAiNBUG, SyzL0rd, BSJ, PsychoD + all the others who want to stay anonymous :]
-wanna contact ?

You can have a look at the hacked HERE

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7 user comments

112.1.2003 13:06

YEA!!! man.. i love how d@mn stupid the RIAA is.. they are trying to preach against the 'dark' evil of file sharing when they probably have no f#$@ing idea about the technology and how it works.. if they do ever decide to try to hack p2p users and networks.. hahah, lets just say, i wouldn't want to be them.. i mean, come one; how many times does their website need to be hacked before they'd figure it out.. the RIAA don't know $hiT about technology and it will come back to haunt them. Think about it, this is just a website and they want to hack?? yea right... aiy, just my $.02 !!

212.1.2003 19:32

(Oh my geeezussssss....) :-) :-) :-) I *know* this news item was put here *expressly* to put a HUMOUNGOUS SMILE on my face before I headed out to work tonight! IT WORKED !!!!! Hackers are dear to my heart in these troubled times we live in. They're not pirates; they're not thieves; they are the salt-of-the-earth, and they have my ever-lasting admiration and respect !!!! GOTTA LUVVIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Mike --

312.1.2003 19:44

<heh-heh> Update: RIAA site temporarily screwed...(er)... I mean, temporarily Down, while they figure out who to fire *this* time. I'm some damned glad saved a screen-shot of the hacked-site! I'm keeping that one to share with a few select people I know. :) (Maybe I should start a scrapbook of hacked screen-shots! Would make for an interesting slide-show presentation. Does the RIAA have any face left to save?) Thanks, !! -- Mike --

413.1.2003 5:57

I love you guys!!! Stuff like this just puts a real big smile on my face and makes me proud to live in the USA.


513.1.2003 12:05

(Our European friends appear to have hacked the site). It's interesting -- the email link provided ( Don't know if this email is valid, but it might be worth a shot just to say "Thank You!" to encourage these fine folks and to let them know they are appreciated! And I just *love* the line: "Sorry Admin - had to deactivate your accounts, they'll be reactivated after 2 hours." SWEET! SWEET! (hang on - I have to go see if the RIAA managed to come crawling back yet.....just a sec......) ..... yeah, they came back. Drag. Ah well, there's always tomorrow! -- Mike --

614.1.2003 12:41

The other night i was watching a little bit on TechTV's Screensavers (San Fran based high level Tech show) about a site that was collecting spam from everyone. the purpose is to make a database of spam for anti-spam tool developers. What a great idea, i thought. My non-developer friend asked, "who would want that... " etc etc.. he didnt get the idea of public support to block advertisement. to get the internet back, basically, from advertisement. Here's where this relates to the article: These are the good guys! not the bad guys like RIAA and the media suggests. who wants to work for RIAA or some bs popup ad company? -- like this extremely annoying "WINNER" banner below me now. Who develops this crap? not gurus. not power developers. its the crap programmers out there that are more digital secretaries than developers setting up RIAA.ORG. they're no match for dedicated developers... who, when pressed, hack the bejesus out of them with minimal effort. The more they push to take rights away from power users, the more they're get bitchslapped at every turn. dull

714.1.2003 14:58

It's basically, "US" and "THEM". The lines have been drawn for some time now. These deadlocks could and likely will go on just about forever. I'm worried more and more, not just about Miro$oft -- which is going to have to be *severly* scrutinized in the months to come -- but also, increasingly, the hardware manufacturers. Not just computer hardware either, although that will take precedence. Computer makers *know* savvy power-users will outright boycott crippled equipment, but the saddest and perhaps scariest thing is that the "average" computer buyer/user will have little-to-no knowledge of how badly he's being boned up ..... What a tragedy! We gotta keep on our toes, poodull, 24/7. Even in little ways, we can resist. (For example, I've firmly decided *not* to install Windows Media Player 9). That may only be a small thing now, but it (DRM) can only escalate if, like sheep, we believe every bold-faced LIE MicroSoft tells us, and rush out to install every new little gadget as soon as it comes out. Software is going to develop into a major Cancer. (How much of this do you really want to hear?) ...... -- Klingy -- P. S. : It says, directly below me, by a rapidly scampering target, that if I care to HIT the thing, I will be a "Winner!" !!! Wow! Should I? Do you think? "What would I win?", I am wondering. What odds do you want to place, that even if I *missed* the target by 17 miles, it would still be declared a 'Direct Hit'? I would probably be congratulated on my fine marksmanship, and offered truly *amazing* deals. (Free trip to the Bahamas? New car?) Guess I'll never know. :-) <gggg> -- Mike --

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