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DeCSS Johansen goes back to court

Written by Jari Ketola @ 02 Mar 2003 12:50 User comments (4)

DeCSS Johansen goes back to court As suspected, the Jon Johansen DeCSS -case will go to appeals court. Earlier this year Norwegian court found the 19-year-old teenager not quilty to the charges he was facing.
MPAA filed the complaint against Johansen at the Norway's Economic Crime Unit.

"This case is about important principles, and we are very pleased that it will be tried again," said Rune Floisbonn, acting chief of the Economic Crime Unit's data department.

Johansen's lawyers, however, believe that the ruling will not change at the appeals court. The facts of the case remain the same -- Johansen copied only the DVD movies he had purchased.

"We have a victory behind us and we are confident with regard to the final outcome," Johansen's lawyer, Halvor Manshaus, said.

The new trial is expected to start after the summer.


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4 user comments

13.3.2003 01:10

It's very sad to have to read something like this once over again. Those MPAA people will never learn :( I just can hope this time we can see a happy ending to all this nonsense and close the chapter for real. Hold on, DVD Jon!

"You know, it seems that quotes on the internet are becoming less and less reliable." -Abraham Lincoln.

213.3.2003 06:28

I feel confident the appeal will be tossed out. As the lawyer for Jon has mentioned, the facts have not changed and they have a vicotory behind them. I am pulling for you. Rodgers

32.6.2003 14:57

Jon: You can beat the MPAA - May everyone with the MPAA have there blood spilled I cant see how MPAA could ever win the case. There whole reasoning is flawed, and they have lost there mind with all this sueing that they have been up to.

43.6.2003 07:01

Jon, I am wishing you the best and hope that there are no probabilities of any pay-off's that would change things. Rodgers

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