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MPAA wants Your secrets

Written by Jari Ketola @ 27 Mar 2003 13:41 User comments (24)

MPAA wants Your secrets The Digital Millennium Copyright Act clearly isn't enough for MPAA. ISPs have told MPAA that they can't always determine the activities of their customers. That's why MPAA is currently lobbying for a "super-DMCA", which would ban users from hiding their activities from the ISP (and MPAA).
Sounds fair enough? Think again. The proposed bill would outlaw for example firewalls, routers, and even email encryption. MPAAs wording on the proposed bill is so vague, that the results of a super-DMCA law being passed would be disastrous. Super-DMCA efforts seem to bee afoot atleast in Texas, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Tennessee, and Colorado.

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24 user comments

127.3.2003 15:12

Damn bloodsucking bastards. I'mma go download something just becuase of this.


227.3.2003 15:34

i hear that... we gots to do something..

327.3.2003 16:23

AHAHHAA THIS IS FUCKING FUNNY!!!! FUCK YOU MPAA!!!!!!!! you know, no matter how hard they try, that should not happen, and if it does, millions of people who pay for internet will all get off and cancel their supscribtions, and who gets the blame for the ISP's loss, hmm... non other then the MPAA, they're only thinking of stuff that is fucking retarded and that will most likely never work, because they're stupid fucks.. lmfao.. this has got to be the most stupid thing i have ever heard coming from the mpaa


427.3.2003 17:05

Alright, looks like we have to do what the dumbass war protesters are doing but in this case for a real meaningfull cause!

527.3.2003 21:31

This is going too far, when will they stop? God, Im glad I dont live in the states. Led by a monkey - laws inforced by single organizations.

627.3.2003 23:02

Who is the monkey?

728.3.2003 0:18

Oh yea right. It's tight how these blood-suckers have the guts to not only plan but actually demand anything like this. Internet used to be the symbol of a new age, the age of freedom. Things are going to be really bad soon...

828.3.2003 0:39

I would say that nearly every online company in the world would appose to this (with the exception of the MPAA of course). Who in their right mind would leave their backbone Internet connection wide open to hackers on the Internet; let alone the MPAA??? Even if this law does pass, I don't think the banks would even ditch their firewalls.

928.3.2003 1:41

One more thing: The bigger the company the more the power it holds when governments are planning new acts????? If this is true, why in the hell do we have governments if their job is to be a rubber stamp for those who have the money and true power???? BTW, I'm not American...but usually it does not take a long time before things like this is reality in Europe also...

1028.3.2003 5:40

Lets all be seriouse for a minite... if they inact a law like this then we as tax payers will have the right to see every transmition our own goverment does. for that alone they wont pass a vage law .. as well as the right for privicy. everyone with atleast a 3rd education will tell you that "if its free its for me" and as long as the recordings are transferable then it going to happen. so why is it that the american people have to carry the burdon as well as the indignady of having our personal records open for scrotaney? will the white house computers be subject to the same laws? how about we all just argue the 5th amendment as our computers are nothing more then a diary of our lives... I remmber when the y2k scare came and the loved code writers and with the hacking of websites wasnt the daily norm . now every kid in high school claims to be a hack and the only thing they do is go after the parent .. lets turn it around and make the web host responsalbe for security and hold the recording industry for my 6th grader listin to eminam which I dont aprove of in the first place, also hold the web host financhly accountable for the same child resiving porn in his email because he signed up with yahoo..... yes the internet nets safe gaurds but why does the american public need to pay for everything and still get slapped with fines because a child can get around even the best security?

1128.3.2003 9:48

mystic: In ideal world, you might be true, but looking at the DMCA -- that was passed several years ago -- kinda proves that Joe Average doesn't give a damn or notices stupid laws only when they hit him, not when they're proposed.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

1228.3.2003 13:40

What kind of fuck shit is this? Super- DMCA? I don't care either!!! AARGH! It doesn't matter because the law would never get passed because of all the free speech issues.

1328.3.2003 16:34

I have some spare roll of CAT5 cable in my closet... Tomorrow morning I will start laying cable for new and inproved Internet II. Who's with me ??? That is the only way to bet those @#!*% off our backs !!!

Life is what happens to you while you're out doing something else...

1429.3.2003 2:07

ogryzek: count me in :-)

1529.3.2003 5:52

Bunch of wankers!! the MPAA i mean!! ;-) So stupid, ok so, ban firewalls routers and the works, then watch how many times they will be hacked!

1629.3.2003 20:21

Jari: Gosh, it's good to hear from you! (For any reason). Petteri is 'daBoss', but aren't you the originator? (He's the iron-fisted 'killer' admin, and you're the 'sweetie' (or something like that). <gg> One day I'll figure out the logistics of the a/D heiarchy. :) The MPAA may kiss my Royal A--. No, no.... let me rephrase that..... I don't want the MPAA slobbering all over my pristine, clean white a--. I have more respect for my buttocks. -- Klingy --

1730.3.2003 7:10

so... everyone... does anyone think an online petition against the MPAA would a thing? i'd be willing to try to get one going (yea, i know, i would be that damn guy with the forwarded emails... but for a good cause; our own geekdom aka the internet and anything computer..) aiy peace seamonkey420 ps perhaps a tv commercial would be more effective! kind of like the target market commercials except aimed at mpaa execs.. HAHAHA

1830.3.2003 9:13

Here's what we all can do about it... open up a Netflix account, get your hands on a DVD Burner and the program DVD2One. Buy some DVD+R/DVD-R media in bulk and rent & burn as many movies as you can. The only way to get to these f*ckheads is to hurt them in the wallet. I haven't been to a movie theater in months and after this BS, I don't plan to buy that many DVD's period - just the really really special ones and I think that amounts to less than 5 a year. Screw them all.

1930.3.2003 19:34

seamonkey, I'd be up for it!

2031.3.2003 4:17

What everyone needs to do is complain and bring it to the attention of companys like cisco or sw compainies who make firewalls lets get real if you want to stop themm have big bisness do it for you.... loss of revenue is the best reason for any company to fight on our side.....

2131.3.2003 7:08

Isn't this a sign that they're losing the battle and their experts can't hack into the computers

2231.3.2003 7:44

really if they hack your system poof you now will own their company if you hire a damn good lawyer....... really the probum is if they know who you are then the have to prove it thats the problum anyone can be a suspect the law reads proof... in order to look at your hard drive if you mask your ip then u are somewhat safe.... proof means u denie everything......... word of mouth is hersay so if they hack then the law works in your favor...... because they have to admite it in court that they were there and at that monent you yell they put it there and they are the hackers who are trying to frame me.... damn revenours..... goverment officails .. and most of all damn the MPAA

2331.3.2003 8:06

To mystic - Just curious... where are you from?

2431.3.2003 9:21

Maine..... and if they say I was just looking then it still reads as that hacking is illeagle no matter who does turn the table on them..... if your hacking dvds from blockbuster then your the one they want if your not and you only backup you own like some of us parents do (kids and 40 cd-dvd games dont play nice together) then dont sweat it or is there something on your h/d that now makes me wonder. Hey phuocle sorry to hear about you uncle cancer sucks and its the most unfair way to go..... I lost a few freinds recently that way .... hang in there and help the rest of your family to get through it , i'll make you feel better after some time that you were there when others needed you most

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