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Breakthrough in Blu-Ray technology

Written by Jari Ketola @ 18 Apr 2003 5:34 User comments (2)

Breakthrough in Blu-Ray technology Japanese Sumitomo Electric Industries has started to mass produce two inch low-dislocation gallium nitride (GaN) substrates. GaN semiconductors are used to produce the violet (405nm) laser used for reading and recording Blu-Ray, and other "blue laser" formats. Low-dislocation GaN substrate is superior to sapphire substrates, which suffer from high dislocation (crystal defects) and hence have a low yield.
Sumitomo is currently capable of producing 200 substrates a month, but will step up production to 500 by October.

To learn more about Sumitomo's method read their article on GaN substrate.

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2 user comments

120.4.2003 11:25

patented UV/Blue Holographic Storage

223.4.2003 20:08

lets see if blu ray really takes off

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