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Earn bonuses by distributing authorized material on KaZaa?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 02 Jun 2003 13:08 User comments (2)

Earn bonuses by distributing authorized material on KaZaa? KaZaa and it’s associates are once again very innovative in their efforts to turn P2P into business and good use. They are now utilizing the network for distributing authorized content, such as freely distributable promotional songs. According to the source their clients include names like Microsoft (WMA promotions), rap-artist Ice-T and Atari.
But the cake here is that rewards and bonuses are planned for the distributors of authorized content.
Lawsuits are the stick approach, this is the carrot.
The idea, says Altnet CEO Kevin Bermeister, is to harness the computing resources of the tens of millions of Kazaa users to distribute authorized files such as games, songs and movies. Giving people an incentive to host and trade paid files could create a powerful medium for distributing authorized content and could diminish file-trading networks' role as hubs of online piracy, he said.

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2 user comments

12.6.2003 14:20

I don't think that people will ever pay for things on the internet that are easily obtainable. Songs are just that. If a service starts charging, the people go somewhere else. There's always somewhere free. It's happened in the past it will probably happen over and over in the future.

23.6.2003 7:34

I really don't think this will have any sort of impact on piracy as they suggest. Sure, you'll see a dramatic increase in the sharing of 'authorized' material, but there is no reason that people would share any less amount unauthorized stuff. Would you be ineligible for the bonuses if you did share unauthorized material? Still, this might improve the overall quality of Kazaa, increasing the number of people who are willing to share, and reducing the number of leechers. Maybe.

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