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Morpheus sued again

Written by Jari Ketola @ 04 Jun 2003 9:17 User comments (2)

Recording industry has filed a new copyright infringement suit against Streamcast Networks, the makers of Morpheus file sharing application.
The new suit competes for the title of Most Ridiculous Lawsuit Ever. Streamcast had been preparing to launch a streaming radio service, but the service was never launched. However the company did buy thousands of CDs and transfered them to a database. Now the record labels are suing Streamcast Networks for copyright infringement, because they didn't have permissions from the copyright owners.

"This is another step in our ongoing litigation against Streamcast, a company that we believe is responsible for widespread copyright infringement," the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) said.

In other words RIAA is trying to exhaust Streamcst Network's assets in frivolous lawsuits. Earlier this year RIAA lost its previous copyright lawsuit against Streamcast Networks, which lead Streamcast CEO Michael Weiss to call recording companies "sore losers" for pulling a stunt like this.


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2 user comments

14.6.2003 12:49

It seems that when we purchase any entertainment items, the Studios want to strangle the purchaser and then not pay the artist. I would much better pay the artist directly tan to pay into a system that no one knows where the money has gone. If we can not share a cut from a CD, I will not go out and buy the CD if I have not at least heard the other tunes on it.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

25.6.2003 19:31

The RIAA is trying to get red of p2p with frivolous lawsuits. Well the genie is out of the bottle. Download Earth Station 5 and get totally encryped transfers, SSL proxy technology, and UDP. The three combined will asure a secure system. Now I guess the tables are turned. Even if ES5 has its website taken down, you can find it on Kazaa. In fact I am sharing ES5 on Kazaa to be sure everyone has a chance at it. Voodoohippi (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

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