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Online rental patent granted to Netflix

Written by Jari Ketola @ 24 Jun 2003 16:24 User comments (11)

Online DVD rental service Netflix has been granted a patent covering their entire process of renting movies online. The patent also covers music, video games and books.
The patent might cause problems to Wal-Mart, who recently introduced it's own service at prices lower than Netflix's. Netflix hasn't commented whether or not they are going to summon a lawsuit against Wal-Mart.

If you're a lawyer or plan to become one, you might enjoy reading the patent.


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11 user comments

124.6.2003 17:46

I know some of you might not agree with me on this subject, but I going to give my 2 Cents on this. I believe there should be fair and competive business between companys to promote better product an better service for the consumer, but I feel this time I agree with, what Netflix has done by gaining a patent for its online service. I also hope that wal-mart ceases its online rental service for fear of a lawsuit. The reason I am on netflix side is the fact wal-mart doesn't promote fair competion!! They drive prices so low it drives the small business man out of business{"So much for the small business owners"}. I have seen this done time and time again. And in the process wal-mart grows bigger an bigger. So I guess my main grip is I just hate to think I have to go to wal-marts for everything. L8R

Despite All My Rage - I'm Still Just A Rat In A Cage!

224.6.2003 18:14

I disagree here because I have recently tried out Walmarts DVD rental service. They are a better service than Netflix as far as service. Netflix is slow, and half the time my DVD's are damaged, broken, or late. Walmart tracks their DVD's so once they see that you have put them in the mailbox and they are on their way back they send out more. I get twice as many DVD's for less. Service is what America is all about.

"Everytime it rains, it rains - Pennies From Heaven"

325.6.2003 3:43

Netflix is a good service, but their selection is limited in certain areas. I found Numberslate has more anime titles and their service is just as good as Netflix. Wonder if this ruling will have any impact on Numberslate. As for the Netflix Walmart thing, competition is good. Keeps everyone in line and gives the consumer a choice.

425.6.2003 8:15

Netflix was okay, until they started losing my dvd's and I was left with one dvd to watch for $30/month. Netflix service just SUCKS! and Walmart having their own version of this business is a big sigh of relief for a lot of people. Not only service is excellent but you may not have to worry about mailing in you rentals as soon as they allow you to return it to any of their stores. America is all about service baby!

FREE is good!!!

525.6.2003 13:38

Like I said some of you might not agree with me on this subject. "My Point I don't like Wal-Mart"...

Despite All My Rage - I'm Still Just A Rat In A Cage!

626.6.2003 7:33

Netflix and others are OK. The only problem I have with these online rentals is the fact that things do get lost. I have yet to get a broken DVD...that is total BS.

726.6.2003 12:18

Yeah Screw the mega corporations...That is unless I can get a better deal from them...then screw the little guy who charges me an arm and a leg!

84.1.2004 9:27

Although I hate Walmart as much as the next guy, there are two points that need to be made: 1) If we side with NetFlix's attempt to monopolize online rentals, then we are helping them achieve the same thing that companies like Walmart and Homne Depot have achieved in their respective industries: driving away all competition. 2) There's no reason why Netflix should monopolize internet rental services, even if such a thing were acceptable, given their conniving history. They began five years ago by allowing people to rent individual DVDs for $3 plus a shipping charge and tax. Then they introduced the idea of having a rental queue. At this point they had an ideal situation: those who rented enough DVDs could use the rental plan; those who just felt like renting an occasional DVD, one that was hard to find at a video store, could rent an individual title. Then they dropped the option for individual titles and forced everyone to accept rental plans. To make matters worse, they dropped the number of titles you could have out for the $20 plan down to 3, after having gotten everyone hooked at 4 DVDs. Then for the final and most significant insult, they dropped a great number of hard to find genre/cult/horror etc. titles, limiting uncut versions of explicit films, and stocking up more exclusively on large quantities of mainstream product all in an effort to become a gutless Blockbuster/Ted Turner of the internet. As a result, NumberSlate and even Blockbuster's FilmCaddy are preferable to Netflix. Just about every title out there is on Slate's DVD list. Many they will never be able to procure, but when all is said and done they have greater access to these DVDs than NetFlix. Everyone out there who are reading this: avoid Netlix at all costs. Give your business to somebody else, anybody. Just not NetFlix.

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92.7.2004 9:06

So who will be the first to come out with the Adult online rental program?

102.7.2004 11:32
Inactive Are patent laws going to destroy everything before we realize that they are obsolete? What are your opinions on the future of patent laws, links, petitions etc?

112.7.2004 12:12

So who will be the first to come out with the Adult online rental program?
Gameznflix might be doing this in the future from what I hear..
Despite All My Rage - I'm Still Just A Rat In A Cage!

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