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P2P services start lobbying at the DC

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 25 Jun 2003 11:32 User comments (4)

The largest Peer-To-Peer service and software providing companies are uniting and making a presence in Washington. According to the source Grokster, LimeWire and a number of unidentified P2P providers are launching a lobbying campaign to watch their interests in the U.S. Congress. The goal is to convince the decision makers about their legitimacy.
The coalition, which plans to launch in the next 60 days, has not announced its name or hired a lobbyist. The group probably will work out of the office of whatever representative or lobby firm it hires, Rosso said.
It also is honing what its message and core values will be, but the primary aim is to dispel the belief that online file sharing is at best seedy and at worst illegal.

"The problem is that legislators have just been pumped full of so much misinformation,"

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4 user comments

126.6.2003 1:31

Thank goodness! NOW mabye our voice can be heard for a change!

226.6.2003 4:50

its a start but you always have to wonder if its just to keep themselves from being sued for the p2p software in the first place... the next version of all their software may contain spyware to track the individ ual machines.. most people dont know how to truely apear invisable on the net and most people dont have 3 servers to stand behind.... but its a start... they have already collected the names of those they will be after... anyone see any of the copyright warnings? that would be the first to get nailed . lets hope between the p2p companies and email campaines to the senitors hearing this we can make a diffrence. remmber the difrance this time is the are going after geek freaks and tecs. and for the most part we love to fight back in and on our electric playground .. so if they push then we should "unite to fight " to get heard by all ...... to bad mafiaboy was shut down with the riaa up and running someone should flood their system and all websites tied to them......

326.6.2003 19:57

im afraid this will be an ongoing thing, and nothing will change. The big napster ordeal is similiar and nothing came of that. Just people with more money than they have intelligence wanting more money. Greed is the bottom line, thats all just GREED.

427.6.2003 7:57

be prepared to be SOLD-OUT. This is a pre-emptive step on their part to try and save their own skin.

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