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What's new in Nero

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 03 Jul 2003 13:51 User comments (20)

What's new in Nero As usual, Ahead Software releases the Nero changelog few days after the actual software release. Nothing huge in this one as Ahead Software is preparing for the Nero 6 launch - more about that soon.
Bug Fixes:
  • The calculation of free capacity of written DVD+RW discs was corrected
  • Solved a problem with DVD-R multi-session, after continuing a multi-session only data from previous session was shown
  • Improvement in case of ejecting DVD+R/RW between write and verification
  • The default language for Hong Kong and Macau changed to CHT

  • New:
  • Added several new recorders
  • More information is shown in the burn status during burning an image

  • Download now!

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    20 user comments

    14.7.2003 6:51

    I need the keygen or serials for the Nero

    24.7.2003 8:21

    uh better edit your post & fast because asking for keygen's & serials aren't allowed here.

    34.7.2003 8:37

    Um....MODERATOR - Arrest that idiot!!

    44.7.2003 9:17

    Hi LesterHN, instead of acting foolish and making a request for something illegal and giving "us" all a bad name, do something useful and go buy the program. In so doing you will help out the economy and "us" all. BTW, Oriphus, give constructive advice and don't poste idiotic ramblings in a vain attempt to improve your posting slot.

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    54.7.2003 10:10

    I'd suggest to go out and buy a retail burner. Nearly all have Nero anyways, and, if you shop right, would be a lot easier on your wallet. :)

    64.7.2003 10:20

    Yeah but the advantage of buying it outright is that you get a free upgrade to Nero 6 :) - you cannot get that from OEM versions bundled with CD/DVD burners. Haz

    74.7.2003 11:54


    Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

    86.7.2003 14:16

    Doeas anyone know of a program that will allow me to queue Nero CD images to Nero ImageDrive for continous non-stop playing of my CD collection. Basically I would like to automate the proccess of loading CD images to Nero ImageDrive like in a real jukebox.

    912.7.2003 10:07

    Huhm, apparently I was entitled to the update even though I was using a much older bundled version. Excelent!

    1013.8.2003 23:25

    I have a proper liceinsed version of Nero updated to Now I want to go to Where can I find it? Seems everywhere no longer has it available for download. Plus since upgrading from to .35, the save function for CD text no longer remembers the text that you spend ages typing in. Does anyone else have that problem? How to fix? Thanks


    1118.8.2003 6:55

    If i am not mistaken only adds support for a few more burners... odds are you probably wont need it.

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    1219.8.2003 1:33

    Normally has the latest upgrade version available and I'm sure that they still have the latest 5.x version there as well.

    1320.8.2003 13:22

    I checked and in the nmf folder there is a version of and, I have been looking at other websites and they all link to the Nero site where only 6 is available. If anyone has a lot of time on there hands go through they should have the Nero version, but good luck finding it. This is National Reseach Council of Canada. They keep version of most free software, but the organization is terrible.

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    1424.8.2003 5:01

    Fiannly got a reply from Nero Dear valued Customer, Thank you for your email. First make sure you have your Nero 5 serial key to install Nero/Nero Express with. It should look like 15xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx. It should be located on the inside of the Nero Jewel case, or on the back of the paper sleeve the Nero CD came in. You can also go into your Registry, and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and under SOFTWARE_AHEAD_NERO BURNING-ROM_INFO obtain your Nero 5 serial key from here. Then download NeroClean Tool from to your desktop. Unzip the file and then double click on the EXE file to run. Select 'Clean All' option and then click on the 'Clean' button to Uninstall all Nero products. And then reboot your system. It will clean the registry and remove all Nero entries. After that download and install the latest Nero version from our website at using your Nero 5 serial key to unlock from Demo mode. If you have any further questions please do not hestitate to contact us. best regards Ismael US Ahead Support Team Only problem is, the page links do not open. Great hey?

    1524.8.2003 7:09

    LOL... gotta love it when that happens!

    1627.8.2003 4:58

    Thanks for the previous message about what is new in I don't think I need it as everything has been working well up to now except for the CD text save problem as above. So I have uninstalled Nero, put back the that came with the burner, reinstalled (always keep a backup of all program updates) and everything is working OK now. Think I will stick at that and not worry about Regards

    1727.8.2003 5:50

    Best version of Nero I have found. Never a problem with It is so good that I still haven't updated and almost afaid to. That version is the only reason why I haven't tested version 6 yet.

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    1816.1.2004 8:06

    Nero has rendered my original CD/RW useless. My original Lite-On CD/RW came bundled with Nero, and it has worked fine for over a year now. I installed a second DVD/CDRW with it's own bundled Nero. Now my original drive will not function with Nero. If there is no fix I would not recommend buying any product with an OEM Nero disk. It will prevent the other recording drives bundled with Nero from operating. I've requested help from Nero concerning this through their support form but they do not respond to inquiries.

    1916.1.2004 10:55

    Topic, why don`t you just download the newest Nero Version from there website. If it works buy it, or check on line from other burning tools to see if your drives are supported. Like Roxio or Alcohol.

    2016.1.2004 13:30

    I guess it's just the principal of the matter. You would assume Nero would be smart enough to account for just this situation. It's like buying a satellite radio addition for your car stereo and finding out you can't operate your stereo's AM/FM function anymore when it's attached. Or for another analogy, you have a laser printer but want a separate photo printer from the same manufacturer, but you can only connect up one or the other for it to work, unless you purchase a separate program that will allow it to do so. Just seems odd to me.

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