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Nero 6 delayed, new features introduced

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 21 Jul 2003 12:49 User comments (1)

Nero 6 delayed, new features introduced The download edition of Nero 6 has been delayed to the 25th of July, even though the Ultra Edition retail pack is released in the U.S. as planned.
According to Ahead Software, the delay is due to more feature additions. According to Ahead the Nero 6 will include a "Nero Recode" component, but gave no information what that actually is.

However, we do know that the Vision Express is improved on the version we reviewed earlier. Based on our feedback the updated version will include an option to use external video encoders, such as CCE or TMPGEnc.
..the very latest update in a few days because it contains 'smart encoding' and many other things (slide show transitions etc). Its just I noticed your comment on re-encoding the MPEG files, so the user will have a choice now if he uses other MPEG-2 encoders such as CCE or TMPEG
Source: Ahead Software

In case you missed our Nero 6 special feature, then go check it out here

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1 user comment

121.7.2003 15:02

I think we would all be more impressed with them if they had not lied to us with this ridiculous story about "new inproved features" How can they claim this when they made no mention of it before the release date and also released it retail in the USA ? Not a very good advertisement for a company to say they are holding it back to make super new value for monety additions the day after it was due to be released. Vision Express 2 was an absolute DISASTER as i think anybody who tried it would know. I beta tested the same version due to be reelased on thursday for encoding an peg of 100 minutes and it managed to fill up my hard drive with 78 GB (yes, gigabytes) of temporary files before it told me it had run out of space. Let's hope they get it right this time and are big enough to admit their mistakes instead of treating us like retards with lies about new improved features when we all know that they are desperately trying to fix the serious bugs that they hadn't noticed. I for one will never test for them again or buy any of their products after this shocking episode and crass marketing.

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