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Playstation 2 sales slowing down

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 24 Jul 2003 9:26 User comments (3)

Playstation 2 sales slowing down No, the Xbox is not capturing the market. The reduced sales figures are a typical market phenomena as most people who were interested in the so called second generation consoles mostly have already purchased one. Sony is stil the king of the game console hill, as they have sold about five times more units than Microsoft or Nintendo (Game Cube).
"It will start to slow naturally," said Adrian Drozd, managing analyst at Datamonitor. "Most people who want a games console already have one."
But he said Sony should not be worried by the latest figures as the PS2 is still the undisputed king of the console market.

Sony has said the console shipments are in line with expectations.
Console sales
  • PlayStation 2 - 51.2 million
  • GameCube - 9.55 million
  • Xbox - 9.4 million
  • Source: BBC News

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    3 user comments

    124.7.2003 9:37

    I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens when the XBOX 2 and PS3 come out. If the PS3 is backward compatible then sony will still probably dominate the market.

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    224.7.2003 13:18

    But right now, XBOX will take over the gaming world. We'll all have Bill Gates posters all over our bed rooms. Everybody will be talking about Halo 2. Halo will be regconised as the game of the century. Everyone would be playing on XBOX Live 24/7. The XBOX will reign supreme!!! We will be chanting "Microsoft! Microsoft! Microsoft!" And while all this is happening, I'll be surfing Afterdawn and hugging my PS2... :P

    Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

    324.7.2003 15:20

    X-box has superior hardware, true. But you can't go wrong with a PS2. Brand recognition. Yeah mabey the X-box will come out on top, but they still have a couple steps to go in wiping out the competition. I personally like all (as I have the Cube, The Box, and the station.) We still have a couple generations of wars to go till they start putting their hands up and developing games instead (like SEGA did). We will see, right now PS2 is ahead, much props to them, and may the best system win.

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