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Court blocks RIAA subpoenas

Written by Jari Ketola @ 09 Aug 2003 11:09 User comments (5)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology's and Boston College's challenges have proved to be successful -- at least for now. A Massachusetts court has decided that the universities involved do not have to provide RIAA with the identities of the alledged song swapers immediately.
There's not much to cheer about the ruling, though. It's based on a legal technicality -- RIAA has filed all the subpoenas in D.C. federal court, when it should have filed them in the appropriate local courts instead.

RIAA says it will file subpoenas wherever courts require them to.


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5 user comments

110.8.2003 7:05

Those b-stards!!! The RIAA of course. Even though it's really nothing to cheer about, WHOO HOO!!!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

210.8.2003 21:37

The RIAA will stop at nothing to push this issue of the atttempt to outlaw file swapping. Do they not realize that no matter what laws are imposed, no matter what limitations these people try to press on the world, its not going to stop some determined/pissed off computer enthusiast from finding a way around them. When are they going to realize this is a losing battle and there are times when you gotta let go and move on. I am so freaking sick and tired of hearing this same old whiny crap from the RIAA. "Boo hoo,, we can't get our laws passed to take away rights from the public". Wah.


311.8.2003 8:15

I would like to see kaaza and the others use some kind of data encryption. Then what users are sharing is protected from prying eyes like cable/dsl providers who are now starting to disconnect people because they "acidentally" downloaded a song with a copyright tag. Since of course kaaza does not include a "filter" to prevent this.

416.8.2003 1:47

DATA ENCRYPTION,,,WOW,,, It will download much much faster for those who like to play the little games and songs ,,we could write to them (kaaza) and sugest that,,good idea ,,jeje.

523.8.2003 10:02

Those of us who have purchased DVD X Copy and DVD XPRESS: Questions, What happens if Studio 321 looses in court? Will we be in trouble with the law? Will we be able to continue to use the product to make backup copies? Will the license from 321studios still work?

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