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DVD X Copy GOLD & XPRESS updated to 3.02

Written by Jari Ketola @ 17 Aug 2003 14:10 User comments (14)

DVD X Copy GOLD & XPRESS updated to 3.02 The famous DVD copier programs receive yet another update.
DVD X Copy XPRESS v3.0.2:
  • Fixes drive speed error cause at beginning of burning session.
  • DVD X Copy GOLD v3.0.2:
  • Now contains the latest version of DVD X Copy XPRESS.
  • DVD X Copy XPRESS is a DVD copier program that uses a lossy compression method to shrink the video stream, so a that a movie fits to a single 4.7GB DVD-R. The GOLD package contains the XPRESS and the original DVD X Copy, which is a lossless DVD copier that can split the movie for buring it to two DVD-R blanks if the movie exceeds 4.7GB capacity.

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    14 user comments

    120.8.2003 7:43

    I am having no success with the new 3.0.2 version of DVD Xcopy Xpress. 2.5.2 version worked like a charm every single time without having to remove any conflicting software. 3.0.2 reads my dvd's but doesn't acknowledge a blank dvd in order to write it. Did anyone have the same problem, and if so , what was the solution?

    221.8.2003 1:46

    yes i have have also had the same problem where it wont recognise the burner/blank dvd-r. heres a way round it.First of all you need nero burning software.i have mine installed with various 'plug ins'.you probably know the sites to go to ,to obtain 'newer versions'. Once dvd xpress has read your dvd,i get a white space on my desktop where the program was 'ctrl','Alt','delete'and a small window should appear on your desktop.look for(usualy at top)dvd xpress(not responding).Click on it and then click 'end task'.(you may have to reapeat this a few times)...then a further window opens to finally end task.Click on end task and that closes dvd xpress.Next go to 'My computer on desktop and open it.You should now see c drive,floppy drive and your various dvd/cd drives and letters.Click and open 'c'.Go to program files.Click to open it. Click and open WINDOWS...then look for TEMP....Click to should now see dvd xpress.Click to open.There should be two items there....VIDEO and AUDIO.Ignore audio and right click VIDEO...go down to properties and click to see the file size(should be around 4.0gb)Now you know where your data/backup is stored.(important for nero)Close all windows and go back to desktop.Start nero,first select your dvd burner at the top of neros frame.Then click on dvd files.In nero click on 'c' to open,click on 'windows' to open,click on 'Temp' to on the video file you saw earlier and 'add' to project in nero(i use nero express).click finished...then next ...and burn it !!! sounds a mouthful but once you have done it once its very easy and nero will burn it better than dvd xpress. enjoy ...ian ...hope that helps.

    324.8.2003 18:10

    HELP! dvd xcopy express works fine with ver 2.5.1. Ver 3.1 and 3.2 do not work. I think they're working but when I finish I do not have anything and, of course, the dvd disk is no longer blank and it's no good. I tried to copy a complete movie dvd disk to my blank 4.7 gb disk - it didn't work and my blank disk was ruined. I also tried to copy the movie only to a blank 4.7 gb disk. It didn't work and my dvd disk was ruined. So-o-o I reverted to ver 2.5.1 and it works flawlessly. Has anyone else had problems with 3.1 and 3.2. And what did you do to correct the situstion. HELP!

    424.8.2003 18:13

    correction dvd copy xpress 3.01 and 3.02 sorry

    521.10.2003 10:55

    I make a backup copy of my DVD movie, everything goes normal, up till the end when it says copy was successfull. When i put it in the DVD Player - Player says it "cannot read Disk". Can someone tell me what the problem is. Could I have a bad batch of DVD's? I copied the first 4 or 5 Dvd's just fine. Thanks for any help.

    621.10.2003 11:09

    No support questions to news comments, use DXC forum at instead.

    728.7.2004 0:24

    please help, i have the dxd x copy gold which ialso had dvd x xpress included in the software (ver 3.02). it seems to burn the dvd fine but my copied dvd only plays on my computer. it does not play on my dvd player. i know it's not my regular dvd player that is faulty because i've played other copied movies from my friends' collection in my home dvd player and it works fine. what is the problem? i don't have Nero or roxio or anything else and my anit virus is turned off when i make my copies. please help....

    817.11.2004 10:24

    I recently got DVD X copy Gold and am having trouble activating the program. It installed fine but when I punch in the activation code and password it tells me that the product cannot be activated at this time. Is there anyone who can help me with this so that I can use this program. Thanks

    924.1.2005 13:03

    I purchased DVD X COPY GOLD last year but never installed or registered it. I have my license number and password, but I cannot get the program started because I do not have the activation password. Does anyone know what the PHONE activation password is for DVD X COPY GOLD? Any help you can supply would be greatly appreciated as my 4 year has already ruined 2 movies that my older sons have on DVD and they are going to kill him soon. THANKS

    1024.1.2005 17:12

    No support questions to news comments, use DXC forum at instead.

    1119.2.2005 6:42

    I would like to know how to recieve an update to dvd x copy. I have a license and password. Thanks for any help

    1220.3.2005 12:15

    I too am trying to find the updated version. I have my payment invoice and license number but when I click on the link to download it, it says "page not found". How can we get our new version????

    1421.3.2005 14:37

    i have the dvd x copy express also. i have my licsence # and password but it asks again for another paaword in which i do not know can someone help me please???

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