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DVD burners spin up a gear

Written by Jari Ketola @ 01 Sep 2003 12:39 User comments (6)

The DVD+RW Alliance has officially announced the specifications for 8X DVD+R. Unlike 4X DVD+R, 8X DVD+R is burned at variable speed starting from 6X at the inside and finishing at 8X on the outer track. This leads to a total burning time of around 10 minutes for a full 4.37GB disc.
Also today NEC announced an upcoming ND-2300A DVD -burner supporting both 8X DVD+R and 8X DVD-R recording. The drive will be available by Christmas.

Several manufacturers have already announced 8X certified media.


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6 user comments

12.9.2003 8:59

Isnt the sppeed 6x and 8x dependent on the data transfered and not how fast it spins etc. Therefore, why would it be variable as it reaches the outer edges? Pioneer will have teh 8x DVDR107 available at christmas, its yet to be announced!

22.9.2003 9:46

This is cool


32.9.2003 11:29

Oriphus,Have you heard of how long it will be before Ritek has 8X certified media out?I'd heard that the 8x recorders were coming near Dec. but I just wanted to find out all I could about when the media would be out,(probably not cheap) thanks!

42.9.2003 13:13

Oriphus, It's probably not capable of writing at 6X at the inner edge due to the fact that 8X writing there would require much higher angular velocity than at the outher edge. To reach the same linear velocity at the inner edge (at around r=2.1cm) as the outer edge (at around r=5.5cm) the disc would have to spin 5.5/2.1 = 2.6 times faster. Of course it's doable, but technically much more challenging. I'm sure we'll se "true" 8x drives soon, though.

Jari Ketola

53.9.2003 5:16

10 minutes isnt all that bad. When are we going to see Blu-ray recorders? Those are what Im waiting for.

63.9.2003 18:02

Cheers for the info Ketola, appreciated as usual. Ghost Dog, Blu ray is out already, but pretty useless since feck all supports it. I have been in contact with Conrexx, Traxdata and ritek promoters Europe, where i am an affiliate and they are getting back to me on a release date for 8x DVD-R ritek. i'll post in the media forum when they arrive.

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