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Penn State, Internet2 to develop authenticated P2P software

Written by Jari Ketola @ 13 Oct 2003 15:16

Penn State University has received funding from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for developing legal file sharing technology.
The $1.1 million grant will enable the University to partner with the Internet2 consortium in the development of a technology called LionShare, an innovative tool that will facilitate legitimate file-sharing among institutions around the world through the use of authenticated Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks.

"Its vital for higher education today to make a concerted effort to develop technologies that encourage responsible file sharing," said J. Gary Augustson, vice provost for information technology. "We believe that LionShare will lead the way in this effort by providing a model for the positive ways P2P technology can be used for legitimate educational purposes."
The unique structure of Peer-to-Peer, which allows a high level of bandwidth and computing power to be shared equally among a community of network users or "peers," will make it possible for participants to extract specific resources from fellow peer computers, while simultaneously ensuring that these interactions are secure. LionShare also will provide a means for users to access well-known, large-scale repositories that contain digital video, images and other data throughout the U.S., Europe and other locations.

Definitely a worthwhile project, which hopefully leads to positive results. There's a lot of demand for higher level of distribution in sharing large volumes of data.

Pennsylvania State University

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