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321 Studios fights lawsuit in UK

Written by Jari Ketola @ 24 Oct 2003 15:48 User comments (12)

321 Studios fights lawsuit in UK 321 Studios, the company known for its DVD X Copy product family has submitted its response to legal actions taken against it in the United Kingdom. It is 321's intention to fight the lawsuit filed by Warner Home Video all the way.
The company is facing similar lawsuits from several major film studios in the United States. The studios argue that 321 Studios' products are tools for pirates to make copies of copy protected movies. 321 Studios, on the other hand, insists that consumers have the right to make backups of products they have purchased legally. Furthermore DVD X Copy tools cannot be used for pirating large volumes of movies practically. Each copy is digitally watermarked, and backups of backups are not allowed.

"We believe we have a solid argument, and that our customers have the right to make back-ups of legally purchased DVDs for their own personal use," said 321 Studios CEO Rob Semaan. "We will fight it all the way, and are certainly not prepared to take it lying down or shut up shop and go away."

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12 user comments

125.10.2003 10:03

Arent their predecent cases that show what judges think about this type of lawsuits? The P2P application developers were found to be unresponsible for the crimes of the their customers. This is exactly the same case as with VCRs, you can use them to make illegal recordings but the maker of the VCR cant be held responsible for that.

226.10.2003 8:07

Not sure about this but i believe that here in the uk if you make a vhs tape of a film or any tv programme you are obliged by lay to erase it after so many days. If so that could well be the way around copy laws for vhs but it can't work that way with dvd. Anyone know any more on this?

327.10.2003 4:25

well i for one will donate to the cause of 321!!!!

427.10.2003 13:45

Y'know these lawsuits are practically the same as suing the gun making company, e.g. Koch and Hekler, because someone killed an entire family with a MP5K.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

527.10.2003 22:12

The nut behind the butt!!!

628.10.2003 0:23

Well, I remember 30 years ago when some brillant heads proposed to forbit the selling of audio cassets in order to prevent the copying of audio tracks from vinyl discs to tape recorders. Allas!!!

728.10.2003 0:38

These anti-piracy measures are taking such sick proportions that I can hardly beleive it. Its like theyre desperately trying to ban eveything that could possibly lead to piracy, all our rights could be taken away.

828.10.2003 5:24

Yeah go for the big criminals who make millions from bulk copying not individuals who innocently want to backup the occasional dvd in case of damage. - I produce various styles of electronic music.

928.10.2003 9:02

Can you watch it happening?

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1029.10.2003 4:07

Insurance will pay for it! lmao - I produce various styles of electronic music.

1129.10.2003 5:47

I can picture this headline in just a few years time (max.): "RIAA to ban child birth because studies show this leads to an increase of piracy".

1229.10.2003 10:05

This is serious! in England they can't take us to court (the RIAA that is ) and our own equivalant has no plans to do so just yet,rather focusing on educating people not to make illegal dvd's etc. However if the American courts keep on hammering people i think it will soon happen here. So i will be writing to my member of parliament to try and pre empt this and hope you all do the same because complaining on a news group or forum is no use!!!

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