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MusicMatch: remove your iTunes

Written by Jari Ketola @ 04 Nov 2003 8:05 User comments (2)

MusicMatch: remove your iTunes MusicMatch, the makers of MusicMatch Jukebox, have instructed their users to remove Apple iTunes software completely.
iTunes makes itself the default application to use with Apple iPod, the portable music player. So far Apple has bundled MusicMatch's software with iPod for Windows users to use. That will probably change in the near future, after Apple has ironed out all the major glitches from the iTunes software, and is able to provide a Windows 9x -version as well.

MusicMatch justifies the instructions to remove iTunes by saying that "If you install iTunes, you will not be given a choice between Musicmatch Jukebox and iTunes - Apple makes this choice for you." MusicMatch also launched its own MP3 download service in September, and is in direct competition with Apple.

Apparently both MusicMatch and iTunes work on the same computer, but iTunes makes itself the default (and only) application for iPod.

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2 user comments

14.11.2003 11:51

what is apple playing at? 3 times i have gone into an intel website, a pop-up comes telling me to download quick time player 6.4 (i allready have that) and itunes to-gether if i say no all the screen freezes,have to use task manager to rescue myself.


25.11.2003 12:37

Well the iPod is theirs, but you should be able to use either piece of software. As for the problem with screen freezes, sounds like your browser...I've never had any trouble with popups.

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