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Pioneer introduces 8x dual format DVD-writer

Written by Jari Ketola @ 12 Nov 2003 9:41 User comments (2)

Pioneer introduces 8x dual format DVD-writer Pioneer Electronics has announced the DVR-A07 DVD/CD writer with support for both -R and +R DVD recordable formats.
The DVR-A07 is the world's first 8x8 dual format writer, meaning it is capable of writing at 8x speed on DVD-R discs whose standard is being ratified in the DVD Forum and +R discs that are designed for this recording speed. The new drive also records high-speed DVD-RW and +RW discs at up to 4x speed, and CD-R and CD-RW discs at up to 24x speed. By supporting the DVD Forum's DVD-R and DVD-RW disc formats as well as the +R and +RW formats, Pioneer is helping to eliminate format confusion, which has become a growing problem for potential buyers.

"With the launch of the industry's first "8x8" dual format writer, Pioneer is once again putting the needs of the user at the top of our priority list," said Andy Parsons, senior vice president of industrial video and mass storage sales and marketing at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "The DVR-A07 will save users valuable time by writing DVD and CD discs as fast as recordable DVD technology allows at this point. It also lets users focus on writing DVDs instead of worrying about which disc format they need to buy."

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2 user comments

112.11.2003 10:33

figures...I just bought the dvr-105. but considering the prices of 4x media, 8x will probably be out of reach for most consumers for a while.

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212.11.2003 13:54

true enoug djscoop, I noticed that the optorite and litone 8 speed drives are for sale but no sign of 8x media your easily looking at 3+ for each disc for the first couple of months

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