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Philips DVDR824P DVD+RW review

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 14 Nov 2003 23:53 User comments (4)

CDRInfo has done a comprehensive report of the Philips DVDR824P DVD+RW. Previously Philips has had a strong presense in the consumer electronics market, but it seems like they are pushing more and more to the information technology field as well.
The DVD recording market welcomes the new Philips DVDR824P DVD+RW recorder. After Plextor PX-708A, Philips increases the burning speed at 8x for DVD+R media. The drive supports 4x writing speed for DVD+RW and it is also a CD-R/RW recorder at 24x and 10x respectively. On the reading part the new Philips drive reads DVDR/RW disc at 8x, DVD-ROM at 12x and CD-R/RW at 40x.
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4 user comments

115.11.2003 2:50

4x, 8x, 10x ....... It's all very nice, but, I want Blue Laser. (I appreciate Philip's advances though). Let's see Philips make equal advances with BL (blue laser) disc technology when it becomes generally available to the public. If they come out with competing BL+ and BL- (plus and minus) formats, I am just gonna cry.....

216.11.2003 13:59

blu-ray discs are already available to the Japan.

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317.11.2003 6:54

Got several grand? The last I heard the units are rather expensive still. I am all for higher capacity DVD's (being able to back up my stuff to one or two discs would be great) but the industry (RIAA/MPAA)will fight the new format since it is beyond them and they will want to ensure we can't record anything they don't want us to.


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421.11.2003 0:21

If they come out with competing BL+ and BL- (plus and minus) formats, I am just gonna cry.....
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