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AfterDawn switching ISP

Written by Jari Ketola @ 23 Dec 2003 8:52 User comments (4)

AfterDawn switching ISP We will be switching to a new ISP this week. You will probably see this as downtime and occasional glitches on the service. We will of course do our very best to keep the outage as short as possible.
The recent actions by our ISP and their total lack of intrest or effort to fix the problem lead to the switch earlier than was planned. Originally the switch wasn't scheduled until late January.

I hope you bear with us during the transfer. The sites affected by the transfer are,,,, and the associated.forums

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4 user comments

126.12.2003 0:07

Quote: lack of interest or effort...
I've been a victim of that myself. Totally, the wrong attitude. They don't deserve your business. Too much at stake. Who needs the aggravation? Dump them.
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228.12.2003 12:37

most business's have a problem with realising who is important, they concentrate on gettin new customers and forget the ones they have and may have had for say 10 years, well I hate mulitnationals, one franchis cost me over 35k, so down to the big guys they can eat my dust...hahaha-....

328.12.2003 22:55

I am very surprised of the total lack of interest. If they only paided attention to the number of people in and out, the old ISP just angared thousands of people. How could a company stay in alive with that? They should have thought a little more on this one.

42.1.2004 11:13

Well good! If they go and do something like that and then ignore what they did, they simply dont deserve your business. Afterdawn is an important site, and therefore needs a reliable ISP. This is almost as bad as what happended to the company my uncle works for. I hope the performance stays the same after the switch. Currently Im experiencing some serious slowdown but I suppose its just for the time being.

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