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New firmware accelerates the Sony DRU-530A to 8x

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 27 Feb 2004 11:28

New firmware accelerates the Sony DRU-530A to 8x Sony owners get a nice little bonus as Sony has accelerated the DRU-530 to 8x recording with the new firmware release. The update is offered for free to all customers.
Firmware Upgrade 2.0A
Improvements: Improves reading and writing performance on DVD-R. Improves reliability and recognition on certain DVD-R's. Enhancements: This free firmware upgrade will allow Sony DRU-530A and DRX-530UL drives to be able to record at 8X maximum on DVD-R media, and 4X maximum on DVD-RW media. Appropriate speed rated media is required.
Compatibility: This firmware upgrade is for Sony-branded DRU-530A and DRX-530UL drives only. It will not upgrade any other Sony drive models and could cause non-compatible drives to become non-functional if this firmware is flashed to them.
Go get it from Sony support.

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