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Sony teams up with McDonald's

Written by Jari Ketola @ 23 Mar 2004 14:12 User comments (9)

Sony teams up with McDonald's Electronics and entertainment giant Sony and fast-food chain McDonald's are working out a deal to promote Sony's upcoming Sony Connect download music service.
The promotion would bring free downloads to McDonald's customers with the purchase of specified menu items. According to the Los Angeles Times, McDonald's will be commiting about $30 million in advertising to the partnership. In return Sony will offer McDonald's discount to license the songs for promotion.

It was reported earlier that McDonald's had made a deal with Apple to give away iTunes songs, but apparently the plans have changed. Both Sony and McDonald's have declined to comment on the rumors.

It seems that there's a trend of bundling food with music going on. We're all familiar with the Pepsi-iTunes -deal, and Starbucks and Hewlett-Packard announced a service that allows Starbucks customers to burn custom CDs while waiting for their order.

The Sony Connect service is expected to be launched this spring, and will be offering about half a million songs at 99 cents per tune.


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9 user comments

123.3.2004 14:49

Mcdonald's and SONY. I suppose it was inevitable, 2 giant corporations partnering up. I personally have boycotted McDonalds, thier corporate practices sicken me. Thanks to Mcdonald's, and various other fast food orginazations the US is the only country in the world where even the poor people are fat. I cant fault SONY for cashing in on the music industry. It's too bad all these people dont just get online and do some reading, they could be downloading free mp3's in no time at all. Maybe ill hang out at mcdonalds and pass out copies of kazaa k++ with the ip blocker :)

223.3.2004 15:30

Yippee, another useless service.

324.3.2004 5:07

This "99 cents" thing isnt good. When every new music sevice prices their goods at 99 cents per track it will become a standard. Unchangeable, just like the prices of CDs for such a long time. Kind of like a cartell.

424.3.2004 7:28


524.3.2004 7:32

Ghostdog, I agree totaly with the 99 cent thing. Way out of line. I'd say it's more of a cabal than a cartell.

624.3.2004 13:41

how is it that in this day and age our intelligent and connected population hasnt realised the need for a REVOLUTION when things like this go on... boycotting macdonalds? BRING THEM THE FUCK DOWN!!! oh yeah.. and the government too, for perpetuating this shit: "it's good for the economy" FUCK THE ECONOMY, when all it's doing is destroying the rest of the planet... cant you see that the world is round? lets feed & educate the poor and hungry and just watch humanity prosper instead of watching them kill each other endlessly..... just a thought....

724.3.2004 15:10

hurrah- bold words for a bold problem. if mcsh*t was out of business all the fastfood junkies would just to an equally sickening establishment. you have to strike at the root of the problem. if nobody wanted to eat food from mcsh*t than they would have no choice but to close... the government is perpetuating the situation because they want the taxes, fat people addicted to a taxed food.. im with you i would like nothing more than to see humanity prosper, instead of bloating into a bunch of fat disgusting pigs.

826.3.2004 16:19

apple + pepsi = deathtotheplanet sony + mcsh*t = deathtotheplanet maybe we should be encouraging sitting at home instead: downloading free illegal pirated software... you do know that the world is run by scumbags, dont you? CORRUPTION

95.4.2004 18:09

I bet McDonalds employees will find a way to get free music while they work. I guess if they bring thier own blank CDs, who will know? I also doubt anyone between 14 and 40 would actually use this srevice properlly, though I expect a handfull of teenahers to figure out how to scam the system. IDEA: Little known artists could hang around these places and gives out samples of free music. Or they could work as cashiers and substitute thier stuff for Sony's stuff. "Bring 'em down from the inside"?

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