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Plextor introduces 12x Serial ATA DVD-writer

Written by Jari Ketola @ 28 Apr 2004 4:11 User comments (9)

Plextor introduces 12x Serial ATA DVD-writer Plextor has introduced the first ever Serial ATA (SATA) based DVD-writer -- PX-712SA. The drive writes at 12x speed, which means that it takes less than 6 minutes to burn a full DVD, with the datarate being over 16MB/s.
The SATA-interface is the successor of the ATA-interface (also known as EIDE and Parallel ATA) -- the most common HDD and CD-ROM interface used today.

The write speeds for the PX-712SA drive are: 12x DVD+R, 8x DVD-R, 4x DVD+RW, 4x DVD-RW, 48x VD-R and 24x CD-RW. The read speed for DVD-ROM is 16x and 48x for CD-ROM.

To ensure optimal write quality the drive uses several write enhancement technologies. PoweRec (Plextor Optimised Writing Error Reduction Control) reduces errors during writing, while Buffer Underrun Proof, Lossless Linking and Zero Link prevent buffer underrun errors when writing to CD, DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW discs.

Plextor's VariRec (Variable Recording) technology, designed for audiophiles, is also included, enabling the user to select one of eight tone settings to obtain a more personalised sound.

The PX-712SA comes with an extensive software package:
* Ahead Nero: CD/DVD mastering software
* Ahead InCD: Packet writing software
* Nero BackItUp
* Pinnacle Studio 9: Video editing and authoring software
* Cyberlink Power DVD: DVD player software
* PlexTools Professional: CD/DVD utility software

The PX-712SA comes with a two year warranty and free on-site collect & return service.

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9 user comments

128.4.2004 6:20

Well its about time some official info on Serial ATA optical drives came out.

228.4.2004 7:13

hi all this is very interesting news indeed! as i use serial ata for my hd's and i am thinking of a dual raid mobo so this will help spread those drives around! i wonder if pioneer will follow suit!? also with this the transfer speeds will increase big time! Thx..

328.4.2004 13:28

are they selling dvd-r discs that are 12x yet i mean i havent even seen a 8x dvd-r available ????

428.4.2004 14:09

Not to my knowledge. The same holds for dual-layer discs. However, one can only suppose this means dual-layer capable Serial ATA drives are on the horizon, and that is a good thing!

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528.4.2004 23:50

"The SATA-interface is the successor of the ATA-interface (also known as EIDE and Parallel ATA) -- the most common HDD and CD-ROM interface used today." is that a misprint? i havent heard of an optical SATA drive until this one.

628.4.2004 23:51

appologies. i miread. in fact i mised half of that sentnce it seems. please disregard my previous post.

729.4.2004 10:52

I'm not too excited about the 12X writes myself. I've noticed a slightly higher tendency for playback bobbles when using G04's written at 8X which I imagine will likely translate to 8X media being written at 12X. I'm totally with Mattrage as far as daual-layer SATA drives being on the horizon :) Bring them on!!!! SATA opticals will mitigate so many problems related to DMA/PIO and master/slave/jumper settings. A good thing indeed!

829.4.2004 13:03

the 8 speed plextor can write at 8X on a 4X blank disk and yes there are now plenty of 8X media available ...I use my opinion the best currently available(I live in UK)

929.4.2004 14:38

Yeah, actually ive put all my 4x media burn speeds down to around 6x now since i have experienced a few mis-burned patches...

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