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P2P spoofing patented

Written by Jari Ketola @ 10 May 2004 0:27 User comments (13)

P2P spoofing patented A professor and a graduate student from th University of Tulsa have been awarded a patent for a method for spoofing peer-to-peer networks. The software shares tons of bogus files on P2P networks, which look like pirated content, but are actually just noise.
"It's built off the basic idea of injecting alternative content or decoy media into peer-to-peer networks as a way of hiding pirated media that's being shared illegally," said professor John Hale -- one of the people behind the idea. "It's like looking for a needle in a haystack."

The software will obviously spoof only songs of selected artists and titles, so those artists who actually want to distribute their content over a P2P network, can do so.

Companies such as Overpeer and MediaDefender have already products on the market that flood P2P networks.

While their intentions are clearly good, the companies should bear in mind that intentional hampering of digital communications can be, and often is, illegal.

Source: Wired

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13 user comments

110.5.2004 5:26

It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

210.5.2004 5:50

Wonder how it feels to be the most hated man on kazaa now.......

310.5.2004 9:51

I recently downloaded a couple of hip hop tunes, that when i then went to play them it would play 10 - 30 seconds of the tune and then a horrible screeching noise would distort the speakers, Why do people do this and i have also downloaded films and software that is bogus, i just wnat to know why the fuck these idiots do this?

410.5.2004 10:40

"While their intentions are clearly good" Yeah, right. They are looking out for the public's best interest. That's why they patented their "product". Real Idealists...

510.5.2004 10:44

this is real crap cos say IF you owned the cd of the music you were downloading you'd have the right to download it (not that you would but anyway) and all those companies who sell p2p software no one would buy it anymore so it'd put companies out of business and cause a civil war or something. and yeah dudzy i got that screwy noise thing too its terrible

610.5.2004 11:01

just look up the cd online- find the length of the track and than look for an mp3 that length- i do that all the time for movies and whoever put that fucking screatching thing WILL DIE!!! X_X theres enough bogus files on p2p as there is- do you think this will stop anyone? no- its just gonna piss us off more- ive been using irc anyway- much faster and whole albums no bs.

710.5.2004 11:34

orza. why would you download a copy of a cd off the net that you already own. If you wanted to put that cd on your computer you could just rip it to the hard drive and it would be fast then downloading it as well.

810.5.2004 19:07

Hey guys, go to, you can download a FREE program that checks .mp3 files when you download them from KaZaA and before they are even done downloading it tells you if they are corrupt or not (the screeching noise dudzy referred to) hope it helps.

911.5.2004 4:02

HMM, i wonder if i can sue them for damage to both my car/house speakers, and personal injury to hearing?? Doubt it

1011.5.2004 8:29

Overpeer, MediaDefender, John Hale. Lock 'n load... Where are you h@x0r man? We are in our hour of need. Please put a stop (or at least a good solid dee en ess) to these evil doers!

1111.5.2004 9:23

oi leo i did say "not that you would" its just the whole point behind it. btw there are some cds out now with some anti copying thing so you can't rip them to the hard drive. but thers always a way round it.

1212.5.2004 4:53 nothing more needs to be said

1315.12.2005 12:45 No more has to be said. -Mike

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