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Ricoh sues Lite-ON and CMC Magnetics

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 11 May 2004 11:53 User comments (2)

Richoh has made serious claims against major optical storage players Lite-ON IT and CMC Magnetics, which are both Taiwan-based companies. According to the source, Ricoh claims that six of its optical storage patents have been infringed.
Ricoh sued CMC Magnetics Corp, Taiwan's top maker of optical compact discs, saying the company had violated three of its patents including one covering a technology that gives discs the ability to tell a machine which recording power to use.
It also filed suit against Lite-On Information Technology (IT) Corp, a supplier of optical disc drives, claiming the firm infringed three of its patents including one concerning a method for assuring recording quality through laser control.Source: Forbes

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2 user comments

111.5.2004 14:17

Lite-ON IT and CMC Magnetics will now sue Richo under the DMCA citing the fact that Richo had to circumvent copyright protections to find out about these copyright infringements...

212.5.2004 12:54

So Ricoh thinks they are the only ones that thought of controlling laser power or error correction?

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