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GameCube2 debut in 2005 E3?

Written by Jari Ketola @ 27 May 2004 16:21 User comments (10)

GameCube2 debut in 2005 E3? Nintendo has suggested that they might unveil the successor to the GameCube gaming console in the next year's E3 video game trade show. The release of a new GameCube would not come as a surprise, because both Sony and Microsoft are also expected to unveil their new consoles next year.
The GameCube has not been a huge success, and the sales have been quite disappointing. In the US GameCube makes up only 17% of the market.

The next GameCube will most likely interact closely with the recently announced Nintendo DS dual-screen handheld console. DS, which is equiped with wireless LAN, will start shipping in Japan this Christmas.

"Rather than offering a new edition of the same thing, we want to offer new ways of game playing," said Nintendo's Yoshihiro Mori.

With the recent unveiling of PlayStation Portable, the mobile gaming seems to be truly getting underway. The current mobile gaming market is dominated by Nintendo's GameBoy, which has sold over 190 units wold wide. Mobile phone giant Nokia has tried entering the market with N-Gage and N-Gage QD, but so far the attempt has been a failure. Judging on the technical specifications and technology demos of both Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, Nokia N-Gage will have a tough time making it on the market.

Source: BBC News

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10 user comments

128.5.2004 7:32

Nokia should go back to making better versions of snake. Anyway.... Nintendo has always offered something fresh and innovative and usually mainstream audience. I can't wait to see what they've thought of this time. I want more JAPANESE MADNESS!! P.S. Anyone played the japanese game on PS2 where you had to cook dumplings for your customers?

229.5.2004 12:50

unless nintendo cuts the crap and gets some origional ideas its going to go down big time. i mean all of its games are remakes of old classics (and most are retarded- anyone see what they did to zelda? they should burn in hell just for that) or there all little kids games, and for the love of GOD- STOP MAKING CELL SHADED GAMES!!!!! other than xiii and robo tech battle cry they all look like crap. my personal note to nintendo: look guys i loved you as a little kid but now that im grown up, you should grow up too, make some games that appeal to the over 12 yo crowd for once.

331.5.2004 13:30

They make games for kids under 12 because that is their target market. They don't want to compete head on with PS2 and Xbox, they will get killed. Let PS2 and XBOX fight each other for the fps market while Nintendo collects fat profits from pokemon and mario titles.

431.5.2004 20:29

pcshateme, your opinion just went down the drain after you said "other than xiii and robo tech battle cry they all look like crap." and "(and most are retarded- anyone see what they did to zelda? they should burn in hell just for that)". You are probably one of the few people who completely hate the new Zelda shown at E3 2004. Why? Because everyone wanted an adult Link. Nintendo delivered. The masses > You. And about the cel-shading issue, Nintendo only developed one cel-shaded game: Wind Waker. XIII and Battle Cry looked "good" mostly because Robotech was an anime and XIII was a 'comic'. Those games 'looking good' didn't save it from being mediocre games. And since you're 'grown up' maybe you should stop whining about Nintendo and maybe go to Xbox/PS2's "mature" content.

51.6.2004 3:54

fyi windwaker isnt even a real zelda game, there is no link and there is no zelda, the plot is retarded, its about some boy who goes back in time to save his sister. trunten, stop being a dick and grow up, or do you like playing super mokey ball on your gay cube.

61.6.2004 10:08

Like trunten said, if you have kept up with this year's E3, then you should know that there's a new Zelda on the way that's reminiscent of the old realistic trailer they showed off a while ago at Space World (2002?). So, now that they have a realistic one highly under development, (and from what I read, pretty far along,) could we drop the windwaker bashing and bickering? Those that I know that have played Windwaker said they loved it. They also liked Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil, Halo, GoldenEye... They're not 12. It's not like you can't make any good adult cell-shaded games either, so I'd just lay off the graphics and the game. You don't have to like 'em. (I'm still not too fond of what they did either, but like it or not, it's their decision, it's over, done, and a new one's on the horizon.)

71.6.2004 10:57

halo and resident evil are xbox and ps2 games

81.6.2004 19:01

Resident Evil is on GameCube as well. I love the bit in Eternal Darkness where you get so scared you start imagine shit. That was very random and original. And pcshateme, if you base a game on its graphics, and not on the gameplay.... you should reconsider what you're saying. P.S. IMO Windwaker was the best cel-shaded game I've ever played (with the exception of Viewtiful Joe), and the gameplay was fun as fuck. Definitely a classic game.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

919.4.2005 12:46

Don't be so childish people, if you are mouthing off that Nintendo are making childish games then maybe you should consider what a immature statement it is to make. Undoubtedly the ones who are arguing are the ones who only have one console and want to feel that they spent their money on the best machine. So you people should stop arguing about which is best and start saving your busking/doll money for the other consoles. THEN would you have a completely different view of things.

1021.4.2005 7:45

but the good thing about nintendo is they make affordable high quality HARDWARE. i was wacthing X-Play on tech tv on day and they had a competition to see which system can withstand the most damage. they first hit the 3 systems with a sludgehammer. the 3 systems survived. then they droped a big rock on it. the ps2 died and didnt work anymore. but the other 2 made it. and finally they droped the system from a 30 foot drop. the xbox died but the gamecube still WORKED. the gamecube would be an awesome system if they didnt have tose 1.4 gig disks and just used regular disks. what if for the next nintendo console sony and nintendo team up and use blu ray disks and microsoft can make a 2 ton system that uses hd-dvds.

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