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XBox 2 is not backwards compatible

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 21 Jun 2004 11:13 User comments (35)

XBox 2 is not backwards compatible adds confirmation to what has been suspected for some time, as the hardware and component details have been reveled - XBox 2 will not be compatible with Xbox 1 games.
This sounds like Microsoft is shooting itself to the leg, and is executing the opposite of Sony's strategy with the Playstation. One of the key factors of the success of the Playstation series is that the older games remain playable with the next generation console. According to Sony, the PS3 will support PSOne and PS2, possibly extending the product life cycle of PSOne technology to the third decade!
Speculation about the backwards compatibility functionality has been rife since it emerged that Xbox 2 - codenamed Xenon - will have radically different hardware to the original system, with a non-x86 processor, no hard drive and an ATI, rather than NVIDIA, graphics chipset, all of which would make running Xbox titles on the platform very difficult.
... has now learned that Microsoft does not plan to provide any backwards compatibility in the next-generation Xenon platform - and indeed, that senior executives at the company don't believe backwards compatibility to be an important feature for consoles.

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35 user comments

121.6.2004 11:24

*Microsoft hands first place trophy to Sony* This is the stupidest move that Microsoft could and have made so far.

221.6.2004 12:16

Pop is right. You have to add value to your product virtually any way you can. The more things that you can play on a $200+ piece of equipment right out the box, (DVDs, CDs, Gen 1, 2, etc. games) the more popular it will be. Gamers want decent looking quality playable games (why else would Nintendo and Mario still live?). Xbox is just starting to get good games (their library pretty much sucked before 2003) so they should make definately make XB1 games playable on the XB2.

321.6.2004 12:41

We all know that if you change the hardware, you can't be backwards compatible....but this change is gonna cost Microsoft millions. Rock on Sony....

421.6.2004 13:36

1. Microsoft has billions. 2. From what I've heard and seen, the new design is absolutely amazing. Maybe it even surpasses the Cell Technology that PS3 will use 3. Microsoft just lost itself a couple thousand XBox 2 sales. Not that they would care, they have too much money. 4. I really want to be able to play XBOX games because I do not own a XBOX but a PS2. If I decide to get the 3rd Generation Console, it will most likely be XBox 2/XBox Next. (Most XBOX games are now better than the other console specific games in my opinion. And even the multiplatform games have the best graphics and fastest loading times on XBox) 5. I am not a Microsoft fanboy but I'm not one of those guys who spell Microsoft with a $ and flame their every decision.

521.6.2004 14:56

I agree.. This is the most idiotic thing Microsoft has come up with. I bet it has something to do with people modding the crap out of the first XBOX. It would be a big head start for most of the modders out there if it were to be backwards compatable. We would already know alot about how it works. Unless they went the emulation route.. who knows.. I know I will be wondering over to the SONY camp for sure if this goes down..

621.6.2004 17:22

Motomatt, this is true about modders knowing how it would work, to a extent, but, they will surely hack the Xbox Next just wait and see.

721.6.2004 17:41

I would rather have a better game system then a sytem that can play old xbox games. They are totally changing xbox 2 , not even using the same graphics company so i think its a good move to not have backwards comp. i also bought an xbox to play xbox games, its not like thats going anyware when xbox 2 is out. sheesh

821.6.2004 18:04

But, old systems break and become unplayable after a while, they should make the Xbox 2 backwards compatible.

"The only people who should buy Monster cable are people who light cigars with Benjamins." - Gizmodo

921.6.2004 20:26

I guess that just solidifies the fact the MICROSOFT DOES NOT BELONG IN THE GAMING SYSTEM INDUSTRY. Stick to computers, Bill. Let Sony kick ass with their playstation.

1021.6.2004 22:52

let them shoot them selves in the head for being retarded. As -djscoop- said,

Im not bashing XBOX, but this is not very smart-maybe they are trying to move away from the gaming industry.
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1122.6.2004 0:51

Am I the only 1 who's noticed that the reason microsoft will be shooting themselves in the foot will be "no hard drive" not because it wont be backwards compatable... how many people buy ps1 games to play on ps2 or still play ps1 games on there ps2? lets get it right the reason the x-box is popular is that it has a hard drive in it..

1222.6.2004 2:44

Well you have to give it to microsoft for there stupidity.Sony will rule for ever and just when xbox was getting it together they go and spoil it all.I believe the main reason behind this is to fade the xbox 1 out over a a short period of time in order to cut there losses on it.I wonder how many of the xbox 2 titles will land on the xbox 1.I feel it will be fased out quite quickly meaning all who purchased the system will be left behind unless you purchase again.Sony will be haveing a really good laugh at microsoft and will say hey big bill think you made a loss on xbox 1 you ain't see nothing yet to what you will loose on xbox 2.The consumer's will not put up with it and sony will be able to take alot of unsatisfied xbox customers on board with the ps3.I mean what will xbox have to offer no hard drive oh and by the way don't bring Halo along you won't be needing it.I think i will play ps1,ps2&ps3 on the one system when it come's out and play my old xbox until it's death and then say bye bye xbox

1322.6.2004 5:56

this is gonna give ps3 the edge for sure. ive always loved my playstation when i was little, and i love my ps2 even more. i mean think of it, if they keep making them backwards compatible (im 16 right now)- by the time i have kids the ps4 will be out and i can show my kids what games i played when i was there age. this is revolutionary. i mean can you play nes games on a game cube? no. this is great cause i still have a few classic ps1 games like syphon filter, the origional mgs, and FF games. it would be great if i could play them forever! :) this is awesome.

1422.6.2004 5:59

i think xbox 2 is gonna turn into one of those "faded" systems, like the neo geo, 3do, or sega saturn. theres alot of hype an expectations and then it flops.

1522.6.2004 8:58

Why do you need backwards compatibility? If you want to play original XBox games play them on your original XBox. Who actually buys PS1 games to play on their PS2? Why dumb down a new system to play old games, that's what your pc is for.

1622.6.2004 9:00

This isn't surprising considering the previous announcements of changed hardware - ATI video and Power PC chips from IBM. They would have had to do emulation to get backwards compatibility anyway. It might hurt them at the release, but in the long run it probably won't matter. It has probably been 1 or 2 years since I have played a PS1 game on my PS2. At the PS2's release and for the first year I played a lot more PS1 titles until the number and quality of the PS2 titles caught up. I wouldn't count Microsoft out for while yet as some have suggested. When have they ever did anything right on their first release? IE was way behind the competition until version 3. Word for DOS was terrible until at least version 5, the Windows version of Word 1.0 and 1.1 were not very good either compared to Word Perfect, Ami, or other word processors of the time. Even DOS wasn't very good until version 5. Eventually they will catch up with the XBox and be a real contender if history proves correct. When that happens I will just get both and probably whatever Nintendo offers too. Currently I have a PS2 that I got at launch, but when the Game Cube hit $99 I picked one up and will do the same with the Xbox when it's price hits double digits.

1722.6.2004 9:11

And, if your concern (like me) was that your system was getting old and was going to fail you soon, when the Xbox Next is released, the XBox will surely drop below $100, it could go as low as $80. Then, the games will be also cheaper (X1 titles) @ $5-20

1822.6.2004 9:14

thats wishful thinking to think prices will drop THAT low. i mean ps1 games still cost $15, theres no way xbox games will drop that low, maybe in like 10 years.

1922.6.2004 9:22

im just saying its a great thing to say have a brand new system (say like ps4 10 years from now or something) and you dig up and old ps1 or ps2 game from somewhere, wouldnt it be awesome to be able to play it as if it were a new game?

2022.6.2004 9:43

ya, it would be cool to do what pcshateme said about showing our kids (or our grandkids) the games that we play now when they will be considered 'old school', then your kids would be amazed that you can play video games and can have a bit of fun togeather.

2122.6.2004 9:45

ya, its true, maybe the prices will drop to more like $20-35, when the Xbox Next comes out, but, its still a drop.

2222.6.2004 12:11

Pop_Smith, you seem to be contradicting yourself a lot.... maybe its just my imagination.

2322.6.2004 12:20

well. the power pc chip was CONFIRMED for the xbox2. if it is.. then i will whole heartedly support the mac on xbox movement!!!!. i, being an modded xbox owner.. have enjoyed my xbox way more than i had had i played it just fo rgames.. dude. THERE AREN'T ANY GOOD GAMES FOR THE XBOX. like.. 2. halo.. and soul calibur 2.. oh. forgot to mention riddick, he's a pimp. but seriously, i for one will not be purchasing an xbox2 if i can't have an hdd in it,and get more out of my 300 bucks (i have a v1.0 bought BACK IN THE DAY), which is what the xenon will likely cost. i've read up a bit on cell, and ibm and sony have a pimp processor on their hands.. i wouldn't mind one for my pc here in a few years :). sony will win. all forget.. sony is the microsoft of the rest of the world.. they are a HUGE company.. and can pretty much afford losing as much money as microsoft. oh.. and i am a microsoft hater.:) M$ sux

2422.6.2004 12:22

[q]power pc chip was CONFIRMED for the xbox2[/q] sorry meant WASN'T confirmed

2522.6.2004 15:59

First of all Playstation is horrible. I don't care if xbox 2 doesn't play old games, because I don't plan on playing or buying any old games. Even If I do, I have my old xbox still. I have been through 3 playstation 2's because Of them breaking down. I'm done with them. The games are better for xbox, the load times are faster, and It comes with a huge hard drive, so I don't have to buy memory cards at 25 bucks a pop. Also it seems microsoft is buying up all the game developers so xbox games will be exclusive. Ha Ha you Jap supporting playstation geeks, your not going to be able to get good games when the new system comes out.

2622.6.2004 16:21

to each his own. humm, maybe you should try NOT using the disc tray as a cup holder, ive had my ps2 since launch and it still works fine.

2723.6.2004 3:30

It is true ps2's were not quite made as well as the ps1 and break down more frequent.It has happened to myself and i do believe the xbox is a great console.However i believe sony will learn from these mistakes and the ps3 will be built alot better.We only have to look towards the fact ps2 has been around a while longer than the xbox yet the ps3 will not be released until after the xbox 2.This tells us sony believe the ps2 will compete well with the xbox 2 until they are ready with the ps3 as it has still carried on being the far popular console and will carry on being so.As for games don't kid yourself microsoft may own the pc market but they will never dominate the games market.Do we have what i think is the daddy of all football games pro evolusion on the xbox no.Sony will continue to dominate the market for one simple reason it gets more games on to its system and gets them on alot quicker.Sure you get some really bad one's but the chioce is always endless.These guys knocked the snes and mega drive off top spot and since that those two company's made 2 console's each to regain an intrest in the market.One has now given up and the other may follow suit leaveing ps3 v xbox 2 and we all know the out come of this battle.

2829.4.2005 11:01

To those people who keep backing up Sony. We all know that each system console is just for entertainment for us and well business for them. The thing though is that Microsoft has at least cared for its customers. I had a friend who's xbox got on fire due to an electrical issue and well Microsoft send him the money to buy a new xbox. Microsoft now gives new cords away to consumers who bought the xbox before 2004 to prevent this same issue. I mean if this would have been Sony they would have been like screw you we don't owe you nothing. My cousin has bought 2 playstation 2's and they have both broke. I on the other hand have had my xbox for 3 years and still no problems same as my brother he has had his for longer. He has dropped it a few times and pretty much given it a beating and still works with no problems. Now the backwords compatibility stuff, well that I can say is not good but its not like I really care for that anyways because I know I wont be playing old games anymore. The other thing about what JOHN 179 said that games come out faster for playstations well he is right on that. That is in the past though he obviously hasn't done his research and he hasn't heard of XNA. Don't get me wrong I ain't no Sony hater because I buy all kinds of products from them except any playstations. Also about the quality of systems they won't be fixing that, they are greedy and just want to get their money thats all. I mean if you looked at the PSP's they came out horrible themselves. My friend works at circuit city and he said people have been going to get a refund like crazy because they are all falling apart. Seriously I don't understand why these people give their loyalty to Sony when Sony doesn't give a heck about them. They just care about making money and thats it. They don't care what you have to say after you buy it. Also Xbox 1 was a great success believe it or not. I mean 3 competitors one of which is Sony having had a successful run with the PS1. Xbox was the new kid on the block and still managed to torment Sony and its obvious because Sony has done nothing but attack Microsoft. This next run Microsoft has to many fans in which Sony managed to lose because of their poor quality and same pricing as xbox for less features. Microsoft is going all the way by the 3rd generation Xbox and Nintendo well they've been out in case no one noticed. Just one more thing to all you Sony lovers don't talk smack because Sony is at Microsoft's feet because they do use Microsofts operating system. So tell me who's the bigger kid on the block? Well thats all I have to say

2929.4.2005 12:51

well that may not exactly be true guys

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304.5.2005 8:04

Hey crazy man I just needed you to clarify a few things for me in your previous writing. First, I think people having a system break is something that has to do with how well a person takes care of a system. I have had my PS2 since it originally came out with the $299 price tag and it still works. I have also seen Sony fix peoples PS2's. My friends also had one of the first released ps2 and his lens would malfunction and overheat after long hours of play and sony hooked my boy up. These two issues are debatable but lets get to the ones that are represented by pure facts and this is where I was wondering exactly what statistic you are basing your proclaimed insight from. Yes Microsoft did have a good year, but that was only the second year. They lost millions of dollars the first year and yeah I know they got plenty to lose but they is not the issue. They still lost money regardless of how much they had that year. They did make great profits this past year though. What makes you think Sony has lost so many fans. Do you have any proof of that??? There are still around 25 millions plus PS2 users and only about 9 million X box users so where is your proof on that. Numbers dont lie so when you can show us all proof documented that sony's going to loose a lot of customers to Microsoft, then talk. Until then it seems that your mouth just runs with lies like contaminated water. The last thing is about who is the bigger kid on the block. Man please!!!! Microsoft is the bigger company true but then again we are comparing the video gaming industry part of the companies only. PS2(or3) against X-box(or Next) is the war not sony other profits against Microsofts other profits outside the gaming industry. Sony still rules and It does sound like it, even though you said you were not, that you are hating on Sony. If you are going to rip Sony at least make sure you print the truth, accurate info. You sound about as bad as those poor people that actually thought Halo 2 would win game of the year over GTA san andreas on the official Spike tv video gaming award show year. Hopefully that is all you have to say as you ended you post b/c you just barking homie; You aint saying nothing.

315.5.2005 8:48

"LazyCrazy:I mean if this would have been Sony they would have been like screw you we don't owe you nothing. My cousin has bought 2 playstation 2's and they have both broke." Ok that that is debatable but i've had my ps2 since the release and it broke down once and they repaired it for free, i also own a PSP and i had problems with it and sony replaced mine with a brand new one,but the only reason PSP has problem is because any launch of a new product always has something wrong do to the mass production of them, and i can back that up with facts, just look at the sega dreamcast launch, thousands of defective dreamcasts, now i don't see how sony were saying to hell with me if they did thoes things for me and im sure for other Owners. I agree with you, microsoft had a good year do to sales but the title that really gave them the sales was halo 2, and it really floped in the storymode element. And i can also say the only real reason people baught the x-box in the first place was for halo so they didn't scare sony at all nor did sony ever attack microsoft, you may think that because major titles were realesed like MGS3 or GT4 and GTA but that was all going reguardless

326.5.2005 21:06

I agree with you Mendis. I have seen sony fix many systems too. Lazycrazy also bragged about Microsoft replacing the defective cords for free but really the main reason was to keep Microsoft from going broke from lawsuits. If the defective cords on xbox system were to cause any fires, damages , or fatalities then everyone who suffered would have had their share in one of the biggest lawsuits in this country b\c Microsoft would be held accountable for the damages caused by any fires started from the defective cords. One person could have easily sued for millions alone. I am not saying that micorsoft doesnot care but the main reason they were so nice was to protect their own assets. I would also like to ask you Mendis what was wrong with your psp? I recently bought one too. I have noticed the dead pixels everyone harped on but they dont bother me too much. There are 2 in my screen and honestly i only noticed them b/c i read that they would probably be there. No one ever notices unless i tell them and then i have to point them out to them to even see.

3316.5.2005 4:27

My psp had Dead Pixels and some sound problems and that was it, sont was glad to give me a new one :-)

3416.5.2005 4:49

Lads, Competition is good. Do you think the XBOX would be as good as it is without competition and vice versa with the PS3. Im more a sony person - I think its common sense that the PS3 will now have better specs than the XBOX 360 considering the MS dumbly gave out the specs too early. I also think the PS3 will have a more subtle and contempary looking shell than the new XBOX which looks like something from a carnival. It resembles something a child would chew in their mouth PS3 all the way ooooooooh Im hungry


3530.6.2005 14:27

You know why Xbox gave ya a free power is because they had to. It was recalled by the government. Not from the generosity of Microsoft. It alot cheaper to send new cords then to pay for a lawsuit dur to a house burning down because of the Xbox.

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