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Alcohol 120% finds a new home

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 02 Jul 2004 11:15 User comments (9)

Alcohol 120% finds a new home Distributor Fubra Limited has taken action in the fear of tightening copyright laws, and stopped selling the best selling killer application Alcohol 120%.
Following legal advice it would appear that it would be of very doubtful legality for Fubra Limited to continue selling Alcohol 120%.

Therefore we have decided to terminate all such sales and activity on our domain site ( effective from today the 30th of June 2004.
We are sorry that we have had to take this action and can assure you that we are now working on a number of exciting new software products to help you make the most of your computer which won't hopefully involve complex legal problems and we will be launching them on our site in the coming weeks.
But don't worry, since this isn't the end of Alcohol 120% -- at least not yet. Currently the software is available for download and purchasing at a new domain

This incident has raised a lot of discussion in the scene, and there are also suggestions that there might copyright issues in the source code of Alcohol products. We can only hope that this is not the beginning of the end for such a killer product, but it might be wise to get your copy while it is still available.

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9 user comments

12.7.2004 18:31

Does anyone even know what Alcohol 120 is, or use it?

22.7.2004 19:48

lazigig, it is probably one of the best pieces of software to copy encrypted games. I'm not surprised. They were certainly a candidate for becoming the next target.

33.7.2004 4:02

Alcohol 120% is to DVD what cloneCD is to CD`s, i use it and think its great

43.7.2004 8:19

Alcohol 120% is to DVD what cloneCD is to CD`s, I use it and think its great
Eh??? A120 is primarily for CDs.
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53.7.2004 18:01

Your right, don`t know what i was thinking when i wrote that post, but hey it copies DVD`s well lol

67.7.2004 19:03

We have been using Alcohol 120 for the last couple of years, however it seems that they had removed the ripper part of the software a version or so back. and I have actualy found that CloneDVD2 is a much better program. Correct me if I am wrong about the ripper being removed.

710.7.2004 3:49

The new new site for download link does not work? Any ideas where it can be downloaded from now?

811.7.2004 17:17

It seems to work just fine on 7/11.

915.7.2004 13:38

I was waiting for this day to come since I first heard about DVD X Copy. Alcohol was/is the best CD burning sofware on the market. I am depressed now...I am going to go drink some alcohol in memorance of Alcohol.

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