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More people are downloading movies

Written by Jari Ketola @ 12 Jul 2004 9:55 User comments (7)

More people are downloading movies According to a survey by On-line Testing Exchange (OTX) and MPAA about 24 percent of Internet users have downloaded at least one movie from the net. The survey interviewed 3,600 people in eight countries.
Out of the people surveyed the Koreans seemed to be the most active movie downloaders -- 58 percent of them have reportedly downloaded movies. Most of the people (56 percent) who are currently downloading movies intend to continue downloading in the future, and 17 percent of those who aren't downloading at the moment say that they might start downloading in the future.

As the high-speed broadband Internet connections become more and more common, and the compression technology evolves, the number of downloaders is expected to grow rapidly in the future.


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7 user comments

112.7.2004 11:39

That's obvious, then even further into the future it's gonna be live TV.

212.7.2004 12:06

Most TV channels don't show anything excellent anymore. I'm not whining, but when I was in the UK, I only had 5 channels. Most of the channels showed something good, excellent, or amazing, most of the time. When I arrived in Canada, I had Cable, so I had around 60+ channels. I channel surf, and half the time I see shit. Take the cooking channel for example, once they had the three same dishes in different shows, but in a row. I guess variety isn't the spice of life (pun intended)

312.7.2004 14:25

Also since TV doesn't show anything excellant anymore you would think that people would want to download it for free because it's not worth paying for.

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412.7.2004 23:19

I think people prefer free stuff compared to paying... CableTV is boring these days...I used to watch a lot of it when I first got it but as time flew by, it just a...whateva...


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514.7.2004 4:19

Hey, remember when there were good programs to watch, and you could watch tv for free??? v

614.7.2004 10:35

I went to see a matinee last week, price $9.50 then a half hour of coming attrations and commericals. Then just before the movie started 4 people where running around with buckets looking for donations. This theater was out of town, I would never be suckered like that if it was in my location. Poor Hollywood, I say download movies they ain't losing squat. Their just greedy pigs not wanting to lose a dime, they make me sick.

715.7.2004 21:23

Well they may as well get use to the fact that people have been copying Movies and music for at last 30 yrs. Every since the Sony Betamax people have been copying all sorts of VHS movies. As far as DRM is concerned it just won't work and the companies just want a false sence of security I suppose. There are all sorts of FTP servers in countries where there is no laws against free file swapping. So its safe to say that it will not be stopped. The Sony connect services may prove profitable if they don't start charging say $15-20 a movie.

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