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JustePort breaks Apple AirPort encryption

Written by Jari Ketola @ 13 Aug 2004 3:55 User comments (7)

JustePort breaks Apple AirPort encryption Norwegian programmer Jon Lech Johansen, who is known for his work with DeCSS and PlayFair, is continuing his efforts to un-cripple DRM crippled hardware and software.
Johansen has released a software called JustePort, which lets owners of Apple's AirPort Express to stream MPEG4 Apple Lossless files to the device from any source -- not just iTunes. Since iTunes is only available to Windows and Mac users, JustePort gives for instance Linux users the opportunity to take advantage of AirPort.

JustePort itself supports only MPEG4 Apple Lossless (.m4a) files as input, but since the RSA encryption key used is now available, it is easy to develop full-featured third-party streaming clients for AirPort.

Earlier this year Johansen developed PlayFair (now known as Hymn), which removed the DRM wrapping from songs sold at the iTunes Music Store. Last month he released FairKeys, which lets iTMS users to extract FairPlay keys from Apple's servers. The keys are required to authenticate computers to play songs purchased from iTMS.

More information on JustePort is available at Jon Lech Johansen's blog which at the time of writing is suffering from major slashdot slowdown.

Source: The Register

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7 user comments

113.8.2004 6:05

In case you're unable to connect to the blog, here's the complete entry:

Reversing AirTunes I've released JustePort, a tool which lets you stream MPEG4 Apple Lossless files to your AirPort Express. The stream is encrypted with AES and the AES key is encrypted with RSA. AirPort Express RSA Public Key, Modulus: 59dE8qLieItsH1WgjrcFRKj6eUWqi+bGLOX1HL3U3GhC/j0Qg90u3sG/1CUtwC 5vOYvfDmFI6oSFXi5ELabWJmT2dKHzBJKa3k9ok+8t9ucRqMd6DZHJ2YCCLlDR KSKv6kDqnw4UwPdpOMXziC/AMj3Z/lUVX1G7WSHCAWKf1zNS1eLvqr+boEjXuB OitnZ/bDzPHrTOZz0Dew0uowxf/+sG+NCK3eQJVxqcaJ/vEHKIVd2M+5qL71yJ Q+87X6oV3eaYvt3zWZYD6z5vYTcrtij2VZ9Zmni/UAaHqn9JdsBWLUEpVviYnh imNVvYFZeCXg/IdTQ+x4IRdiXNv5hEew== Exponent: AQAB MD5(JustePort-0.1.tar.gz) = fe13e96751958c6e9d57cce0caa7b17b Update: JustePort is not Windows-only. Thanks to mono it runs under GNU/Linux, MacOS X and Windows.
JustePort is available at: And the Mono platform is available at:

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