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DualDisc containing both CD and DVD

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Aug 2004 6:57 User comments (2)

DualDisc containing both CD and DVD A group of labels plan to introduce a disc to the market later this year that will combine both CD and DVD technology. The group of labels also includes EMI Music, Sony, BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, the worlds major recording labels. The labels plan to have a full normal CD album on one side and extra content such as DVD audio, lyrics, interviews etc on the other side. This comes at a time when traditional music sales are losing ground to file-swapping and legal download services. The discs will be available from October and should be compatible with most CD and DVD players.
DVD audio has been around now for a long time but never really took off in the music market yet. Tests conducted earlier this year showed that DualDiscs received an impressive response from consumers.

"By combining video, surround sound and Web connectivity in a single disc, we are presenting our artists with a broader palette to express their creative vision, while at the same time giving consumers what they told us they want--greater value driven by unique content that brings them closer to the artist," said a statement from CEO of Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Andrew Lack. "We're confident that this groundbreaking new initiative will help to re-energize traditional music retail."

I, for one, will like to see what the retail price for these discs will be.


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2 user comments

125.8.2004 10:08

I suspect they can't be too expensive, as if they want to save the music album sales, they don't want to overprice it too much.... I think around "Original Album Price + $5" Still, it's more like a gimmick than a totally new product, because as far as I know, they could pile GBs of shit on the DualDisc and sell it at a higher price.

227.8.2004 5:23

old wine in new bottles- already had something like this-enhanced CD's ozzy @ Budokan- has video on it pays on your puter never tried it in dvd player but the concept was there. want increased revenue record companies -have your own download service that you liscence the content - like radio -pay 20-30$ a month download what you want ! $30.00 X 12 = $360.00 X all the people who download$ = $ (MEGA- duckies ) no lawyers to pay ,no 12 years old girls getting sued ! the royalties come in happy happy joy joy! per song download payments don't cut it you can a bucket load of songs on a cdr but @ a dollar a song it's cheaper to buy the cd ! It used to cost the record companies $1.00 to make a CD it's probably cheaper than that now! CD's sell for S13.00 to $20.00 or more _ and usually only have one good song and the rest is crap! sign better bands ,be creative , the sad thing is that the Music bussiness is just that a bussiness run by lawyers not artist! But thats life. Anyway sorry I vented my spleen so long thanx for listening

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