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MSN music downloading service to launch this week

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 30 Aug 2004 19:38

MSN music downloading service to launch this week Later this week, Microsoft is expected to enter the music downloading market with the launch of the MSN music. The launch will coincide with the launch of Windows Media Player 10. The MSN music service is expected to be a major competitor of Apple's iTunes service, which currently makes 70% of online download sales. Apparently, Windows Media Player 10 will feature a built in music store, which obviously has some windows users worried.
Regulators in the EU are already looking at the launch of the MSN music service with some suspicion. It appears Microsoft may be attempting to use its dominance in the Operating System market to promote its music store. In the United States already, Microsoft were ordered to remove a link which brought users through Internet Explorer to a Microsoft branded CD store. Microsoft Windows comes bundled with Windows Media Player, so it seems that in newer versions of the Windows operating system, you could say it becomes bundled with an online music store instead.

The music downloads will come in the Windows Media Audio format and can be played on any Windows machine and some portable devices. They are expected to cost about $0.99 per track. MSN music will first launch on Thursday 2nd September.


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