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Scratch proof DVDs

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 17 Nov 2004 9:45 User comments (6)

Scratch proof DVDs Ever rented a movie, just to find out that the disc is badly scratched and that your player is unable to play it smoothly? The scratching problem of the CD was not improved in the change of the media format, and the DVDs are about as soft and easily damaged as the CDs.
TDK has introduced a hard coating for DVDs, which promises to make scratching a thing of the past. This new material is severely needed, as the data density continues to grow, as the industry is advancing towards Blu-ray and HD-DVD.
In a test conducted by CNET, a DVD treated with TDK's coating survived a determined attack with a screwdriver and a Sharpie permanent marker with no effect on playability--a remarkable feat considering how easily standard DVDs can be damaged, for example, by children.

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6 user comments

117.11.2004 11:26

This is great news! Now I don't have to backup as many copies as my PS2/PC games when I lend them to friends or relatives! And maybe my mum will stop using my actual working CDs as coasters...

217.11.2004 12:47


317.11.2004 18:29

the best news since the announcement of blu-ray!

418.11.2004 18:08

i think its better news...... better news then the blu ray is the 500gb dvd:D

523.11.2004 11:09

Well now they finally they bring this back cos the original cds used to be tough as and didn't turned into coaster that easily But still its a good idea cos i'm sick of getting scratched discs from places like video rentals and such

623.11.2004 11:27

im not sure if u saw the picture of the scratch proof dvds in actuality they can be scratched but apparently the lens can still read im wondering if this will wear out the lens? source article : picture im talking about:

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