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MPAA sets sights on Internet2 traffic

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 18 Nov 2004 21:06 User comments (7)

MPAA sets sights on Internet2 traffic The Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) is in talks with the Internet2 research consortium for two main reasons. The first of these reasons being that the MPAA hopes to setup next-generation video delivery services and the second reason being the MPAA’s hope to monitor the illegal trading of pirated movies. For those not familiar with Internet2, it is an Ultra-High Speed version of the Internet setup by universities and technology companies, aimed at facilitating research into high-bandwidth hardware and applications, and helping researchers who exchange huge amounts of data. However, as AfterDawn has reported before, illegal filesharing among students has found its way to Internet2.
In order to use Internet2 you have to be a member and it appears the MPAA is hoping to become a member or to at least open up a collaborative relationship. In the time it takes average Internet users to download an MP3 through a fast P2P network; a user on Internet2 could possible transfer an entire DVD movie. Most of the time the speed doesn't depend on the connection, but how fast the Hard Disk Drives can write the data being sent. Researchers sent data from Switzerland to Tokyo at speeds of 7.21 gigabits per second, at these speeds a full DVD-9 disc (Dual Layer Retail DVD) could be transferred in less than 10 seconds.

"We've been working with Internet2 for a while to explore ways we can take advantage of delivering content at these extremely high speeds, and basically manage illegitimate content distribution at the same time," said Chris Russell, the MPAA's vice president of Internet standards and technology. "Those would go hand in hand." Before he retired, Jack Valenti also spoke to the to university officials focusing on the problems of piracy, and pointed out with new networks like Internet2, members could have any pirated movie at a moments notice. Hollywood appears to see Internet2 as both a high potential commercial network, with the power to allow the MPAA sell copy protected copies of their movies faster than ever and also a very dangerous network that could make any movie available to any Internet2 member for free at lightning speeds.

Warner Bros. is already a member of Internet2, aswell as Napster. "This wraps together the broad interest we have in working with our members and potential members on advanced content delivery," said Internet2 Vice President Gary Bachula. "Obviously we're interested in making sure that's legal and safe."


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7 user comments

118.11.2004 22:36

Im guessing that the Internet2 probably runs off of fiber optic cable?

219.11.2004 5:52

im guessing its probably similiar to the fast fiber lines which bring tv/internet in japan

319.11.2004 13:59

Switzerland to Tokyo at speeds of 7.21 gigabits per second drool....but if u had internet u would have to connect to someone else with internet2 for it to be useful ;p

419.11.2004 15:47

and I thought the T3 connection at work was fast...holy smokes!

520.11.2004 2:54

goes beyond even fire-wire me thinks.

621.11.2004 12:12

if it reaches speeds of 7.2 gigabits, then it is 15 times faster than firewire

721.11.2004 18:42

it seems that, once again, another great idea will get chained up in the basement by the MPAA.

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