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Nullsoft releases the Final Edition of Winamp 5

Written by Jari Ketola @ 20 Nov 2004 5:00 User comments (15)

Nullsoft releases the Final Edition of Winamp 5 Nullsoft has released what it calls the "Final Editon (for now)" of Winamp 5. Apparently the assumptions of Nullsoft's future have been correct.
The new version (5.06) has the following change log:

-Fixed crashbug when clearing the playlist and then right clicking on the songticker
-Security bug fixes
-Lots of small bugfixes
-JTFE v0.96ff

Goodbye, Winamp. You will be missed.

Download Winamp 5 at our software archive.

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15 user comments

120.11.2004 8:32

I never used winamp, but, it seems as if i legend is being lost.

220.11.2004 8:48

Damn. At least I'll still get to use my WinAmp =(

320.11.2004 9:06

<for now> damn aol....mess with the worst and ur gonna get BURNED

420.11.2004 13:19

winamp was a great product. I been using it for 5 or more years, and i will continue using it.

520.11.2004 15:04

Shame to see this company to go under, used winamp for years now :) love the program

621.11.2004 6:52

Well, the original author made a small fortune when he sold it some years ago, and then he had to wash his hands of all future features, functionality, updates, etc. In other words, whatever and whenever AOL wanted to do something 'new and improved' with it - whether those new changes were 'improvements' or not, he really had no say in the matter. I use a very old version of the audio-only 'Lite' version, because I don't need or want any video-capability mucking up my audio capability, and the older WinAmps are still outstanding anyway. Maybe I'll download this very-last-final-soon-to-be-gone version just for posterity, and have it bronzed or something.

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721.11.2004 12:11

winamp will definately go down in history as the first GOOD mp3 player. I curse AO-Hell for killing off Nullsoft. If they were smart they would sell it, but I guess thats what you can expect from a crappy company like AOL.

821.11.2004 18:36

Winamp was and forever will be: the only good media player of the generation. I really hope somebody gets a hold of the source code and continues the saga...

922.11.2004 1:44

Well, like I said, if WinAmp is indeed headed for obsolescence, you can't really blame Nullsoft - they no longer have any rights to the program, right? And you have to remember, djscoop, that author Justin Frankel had the option to either _keep_ the free WinAmp, or _make a big chunk of change_ when AOL offered to buy it. You can't really curse AO-Hell for killing off Nullsoft because it was Justin (was it not?) who let WinAmp/Nullsoft "go". As proud as Mr. Frankel had every right to be with his outstanding audio player (hell, it even came free on an included-cdrom with IDE Book's "MP3 For Dummies"), he saw a chance to make some money (let's face it; AOL has got a lot of money), and I can't honestly say I wouldn't have done the same in my own situation. People have to pay the rent, right? I've never used a video-included version of WinAmp (like the one offered here). I've downloaded it here, but haven't run the executable yet. I (sorta) like to keep my video and audio players separate. WinAmp's original claim to fame was never as a video-player until AOL got their hands on it. Do you guys like the video part of the later WinAmps? My fave version remains 2.8.1 Lite. If you can still find it, it comes in three flavors: winamp281_lite.exe winamp281_stnd.exe winamp281_full.exe They are all excellent.

1022.11.2004 4:11

Man I am upset,that's all I use for audio for the last 5 years.I will miss it.

1122.11.2004 7:49

Good point, A_Klingon, it was Justin who started the death off Nullsoft. But in his defense, he created a great program, so I can't really blame him for wanting to sell it. I'm sure he'll have a nice retirement. But AOL should have realized how popular of a program it was. It would cost pocket change for a company like that to continue updating it. I only hope someone else can continue updating it or creating new versions. If not, at least we know that winamp will be used for quite awhile after it being discontinued.

1222.11.2004 11:20

I understand AOL is worse than Microsoft, and if it isn't as worsein reality, it's definitely in my opinion. In fact I'm probably one of the few guys on this forum that likes Microsoft =D But that's beside the point. What I don't get is why AOL would not continue this great program. It is literally THE BEST audio program and MOST POPULAR program. And if AOL is worse than Microsoft, how did they get that much money in the first place? I know they're losing money because they are such a bullshit service, but they could actually PROFIT from this!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1322.11.2004 18:23

i will miss all the new versions of winamp. i have been using it for 4 years now and i like it alot. i have never had one problem with the program before and it is so easy to use!! it is the only program i use to listen to my mp3's.

1513.12.2004 17:32

RIP winamp...

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