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Archos announces 100GB portable video player

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 Feb 2005 5:24 User comments (11)

Archos announces 100GB portable video player Not long after Archos added Digital Video capabilities to their products they are now showing that they have the ability to challenge the market by announcing a new portable video player with a 100GB HDD. The company announced on Friday its Pocket Video Recorder AV4100, as well as $50 price cuts to other devices in its AV400 series. The AV4100 is expected to retail at about $800, whilst the AV420 retails at $500 and the AV480 costs $750.
The new device joins a nice product list of devices capable of playing back digital audio (WAV, WMV and MP3 audio formats are supported) and video files as well as having support for still images also. Consumers will be able to schedule shows to be recorded by picking a time and channel or by synchronizing online with Yahoo TV Guide to get a line-up of shows to choose from.

The AV4100 will come with a cradle that connects to a video source like a set-top box or a television over a USB 2.0 cable. It will have an external speaker and built-in CompactFlash reader. It comes with a 100GB 2.5 inch hard disk and a 3.6 inch colour screen display.


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11 user comments

119.2.2005 13:48

I never really saw the point of being able to watch a movie on a 3.6 inch screen. What would you ever need that for? If you want a portable 100GB video player, try this:

219.2.2005 13:51

Looks like Archos is attempting to take a little bit out of Tivo's kitty with this model. I mean, a device that stores 100GB of video AND plays music and still photos on top of that AND has a memory card reader. It almost makes Tivo To Go seem pointless. For that matter you could save beau coup $$$ by getting your program guide subscription from a website like TitanTV or Yahoo.

319.2.2005 14:49

I was quiet impressed by the rich features of this gadget but it was still pricy for me at the moment...

419.2.2005 20:09

I want one. And it is a lot of money, at less to me.

520.2.2005 2:52

Why pay $750 for that, when a pocket PC has waaayyyy more applications and plays video? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

621.2.2005 17:38

that xpcgear player sucks. doesn't even have it's own screen plus its way bulky. why buy one if you have to plug it into an external monitor? just got the iriver pmp-140 in the mail. it's awesome. im never home so now i can watch all the movies i DLed.

721.2.2005 19:37

If you'll look in my above post, you'll see how I feel about builtin tiny LCD screens. It may be a bit bulky (really only the size of a hard drive), but it's not $750.

824.2.2005 17:36

no screen = not really a portable media player. you gotta pay real bucks for real portability. the screen on my pmp 140 works just fine. how often are you going to find a monitor just laying around to plug into in a taxi or airplane? plus the xpc doesn't even have a head phone jack to listen to music on the go, AND you have to have an external power source. like i said, it sucks. hard.

925.2.2005 19:34

Maybe for what you want, but for me its perfectly fine, as I have no need to watch a tiny screen while I'm driving for example. The XPCgear one is what I use when bringing movies with me to other places like on vacation or something like that, and its got so many features its good for the price.

1026.2.2005 15:08

who said anything about watching it while you're driving? this is a portable media player to watch when there isn't a tv or comp around. really what you're talking about is completely different. i'm not sure why you compared it to the archos and posted it under the archos news story since it doesn't have much to do with a truly portable media player like the archos or iriver.

1126.5.2005 18:57

This looks like a pretty cool item but why pay $750 when there is one by usmodular for $500 on ebay that can record tv, vcr and dvds??

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