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U.S. companies lose billions to Russian Piracy

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Feb 2005 15:14 User comments (1)

U.S. companies lose billions to Russian Piracy Russia’s Culture and Mass Communication Minister has announced that the losses incurred by U.S. software, film, and music companies as a result of pirated materials distributed in Russia grossed at $1.7 million last year. Culture Minister Alexander Sokolov signed a cooperation agreement on Tuesday, with a number of social organizations working towards protecting intellectual property rights. "In the sphere of intellectual property rights we are dealing with a well thought-out system of evading the law," Russia’s RBC news agency quoted Sokolov as saying after the signing.
He called for social organisations to join in an effort to defeat piracy in Russia. Macrovision claims that the loses to International DVD Producers globally as a result of Russian Piracy is about $4 billion. It's wonderful how companies like Macrovision who make their money from "protecting content" like to point the finger occasionally at countries worldwide and blame them for billions of dollars in losses. Would the fact that Macrovision is seen as a reliable protector of content in the entertainment industries eyes influence Macrovision to make these claims to scare that industry and perhaps generate more business?


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128.2.2005 5:52

They don't lose billions at all. The people who bootleg the dvds, software, and other crap never bought the dvd, software and other crap before, so what money are they losing?

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