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Sony PSP tops Top Ten Essentials list

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Mar 2005 22:50 User comments (19)

Sony PSP tops Top Ten Essentials list According to Stuff Magazine, Sony's Playstation Portable (PSP) is the top gadget in the UK for 2005. The PSP pushed Apple's iPod music player into second place on the list. The "Top Ten Essentials list" predicts what gadgets will be the most wanted for a particular year. Owning all 10 gadgets will cost you 7,455. Sharp's 902 3G mobile phone, the Pentax Optio SV digital camera and Samsung's Yepp YH-999 video jukebox were also in the top list, showing the dominance of portable gadgets.
"What this year's Essentials shows is that gadgets are now cheaper, sexier and more indispensable than ever. We've got to the point where we can't live our lives without certain technology," said Adam Vaughan, editor of Stuff Essentials. "Take digital cameras, who would now pay to develop an entire film of photos? Or legitimate downloads, who would travel miles to a record shop when they could download the song in minutes for 70p?"

These devices will remain on top for this year but next year we will see a whole host of new technologies that will gain our most attention. Predictions for the list in 2006 are High Definition TV (HDTV), Xbox 2 and mobile phones with better MP3 capabilities.

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19 user comments

15.3.2005 8:00 2,HDTV, mobile phones....not to mention the most obvious...the PS3! i saw a PSP the other day in town, wasnt switche don , but it was in a glass case next a working DS. DS was a pile of shit, nothign good about it....all i found was an awkward to use gaming system. Where the PSP awestruck me. Tis beautiful and i cant wait to get my hands on one! Dan x

25.3.2005 10:48

Unfortunatly the PSP has flaws such as battery life. But...we'll see how much of a problem this creates...won't we.

35.3.2005 14:13

was that meant to sound as threatening as it came across?lol. well, im guessing battery life issues will be sorted out sooner rather than later. but as you said, we'll see.....won't we. Dan x

46.3.2005 0:21

If I was to do the top ten of gadgets for this year, it would be easy to place the PSP at #1 as everyone knows its gonna sell millions. Apart from the ipod, the PSP will sell more units than the other 8 gadgets combined. I can't see a mobile phone being in the list as there were millions of bran new phones that were sold in 2004, I don't see only the Sharp 902 3G selling when Nokia will release about 1000 new phones. I've used 3G and all I can say about it that it's a complete waste of money. For the list they just put the obvious at #1 and #2 and randomized the rest. The battery life is not and will not be a flaw to all those who own and wanting a PSP. Alot of games exceed 5hrs. I wouldn't want to play for that long and I speak on behalf of a majority of us. Why have 10hrs battery life on a DS when I wouldn't want to play it for 10 minutes. If you could take out fully charged DS battery and slot it into the PSP, as soon as the graphics came upon the screen the DS battery would blow up. The DS battery wouldn't last an hour in a remote control for a TV.

56.3.2005 11:24

I love to watch SONY FANBOYS chit chat. There is one flaw. The games for PSP are $50!!! The highest i would pay for a HANDHELD SYSTEM's game is $34.99.

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66.3.2005 11:29

The games for PSP are $50!!! The lowest i would pay for a HANDHELD SYSTEM's game is $34.99.
If $34.99 is the lowest you would pay then I guess you wouldn't have a problem with $50... JK. I think that the PSP will be a good system, but the one that sony releases a year later with all of its bugs fixed will be a great system.

76.3.2005 12:02

teh on rleased late rthis year with bugs worked out:the UK Release. :D It feels good to be last on sony's list this time. Dan x

86.3.2005 12:23

Too expensive what kid can afford it

97.3.2005 2:09

I can't claim to have ever seen a PSP, but I can safely say that I am never going to buy anything from Sony after hearing their *&#^ attitude towards early adopters of their device. The square button on your PSP is dodgy? Sony flips you the birdie, its your own fault, adapt to it. Only after intense pressure do they finally cave in and offer to replace them. I also hear reports of Sony's $&%^ handling of dead pixels, whereas Nintendo will bend over backwards to keep consumers happy. Being able to play network games with friends without having to each buy a copy sounds very mature of a company too, kudos to Nintendo. Just my 2c.

107.3.2005 4:02

You say that the square button is dodgy are you also saying that you've never seen in an article or a forum saying that the square button was deliberate, it only effected less than 1% of the first batch of PSP's that was a launch release and that the faulty very very small amount of PSP's have been returned to Sony and that SOny have fixed them. Every PSP owner at the moment thats 1.8 million of them are happy with what they have. So shut the F*ck up with you're real intension of PSP bashing.

117.3.2005 4:04

^^^^^ can't edit my spelling mistakes ^^^^^

127.3.2005 4:26

also, lets face you want a device with a possible fault that will be fixed as son as you notify sony and send it back to them, or do you want a device taht works perfectly, but even so is still a pile of silver/grey crap?(i've played a DS, so nintendo fanboys - dont attack me.) The PSP is beautiful in its entirety, and things can only get better for it. The DS is at its peek when the fanboys rush out to buy it....its 2nd to Sony's PSP...and everyone, even nintendo fanboys can feel it. Dan x

137.3.2005 14:37

If I wanted to bash the PSP, you'd know about it. I was simply making a comment that Sony's attitude towards customers leaves a lot to be desired, and having purchased a variety of Sony products in the past, a lot of the price is directed simply towards the brand name, not the quality of the parts inside. You can slag off at the DS all you like, fact is it targets a different market, and it does what it is built for fantastically. The DS is built for FUN, not necessarily hardcore gaming action. All of the Mario franchise games are made for fun, and the DS gives a few awesome new ways to have just that. The PSP is built primarily for serious gaming. To each his own, get over yourselves.

148.3.2005 4:05

"If I wanted to bash the PSP, you'd know about it." I did know about it thats why I replied to you're post in the first place, you PSP basher. You tried to put it in a way so it sounded like you weren't bashing the PSP when really you was. You fucking cunt.

158.3.2005 4:15

to oz mick:- What, hardcore gaming isn't fun? Nintendo has polluted your mind i say! Seriously though, the DS is just plain irratating, and looks damn f'ugly. NIntendo need a new gameboy to combat PSP, cos theres no way that its gunan beat the PSP...oh yeah, they released like 2 gameboys within like 3 months of eachother and its customer base is pissed at, well, they did it to themselves. They're gunna go the way of Sega. Get over that. Dan x

168.3.2005 8:57

who cares? some people will buy it, some people won't. I'm gonna buy it, and I don't care if somebody calls me stupid, fanboy, whatever... i don't give a fuck. It's my money. You do whatever you want with your money. Buy yourself a DS, an iPod. Who cares?

178.3.2005 12:54

Wow Norman, you put it so eloquently, what with all your grammar and vocabulary abilities. Way to show your intelligence level. I guess you must be right then. Also, "the way of Sega" isn't entirely such a bad thing... There is more money to be made from developing games than producing the console on which they run (look at the Xbox, Microsoft is making a loss on each unit), so now Sega is making games that run multi-platform. You tell me who won there, managing to take their in-house produced games and market them to other consoles. Fact is Nintendo make oodles from the Mario franchise, being an in-house operation, so they'd probably only MAKE money by making software exclusively.

1827.6.2006 14:23

Well i think a psp is a really good system just a few problems... When you get stuff for it it costs alot of money but the good thing is the games cost like no money at all like 15 to 30 bucks i think its sweet xcullenx

1927.6.2006 21:26

I too agree that it is the most good thing which have thought up for last time :))) And on mine very good that I can transform any videos for PSP format:)

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