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Apple supports Blu-Ray

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Mar 2005 10:52 User comments (15)

Apple supports Blu-Ray In the on-going battle between HD-DVD and Sony's Blu-Ray formats, the next big name to choose a side is Apple. The company announced at CeBIT in Germany that it has decided to pledge its support to Blu-Ray technology, probably because of its higher capacity than HD-DVD. As well as simply being a supporter of Blu-Ray, Apple will become a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, and will hold a seat on the group's board.
"Apple is pleased to join the Blu-ray Disc Association board as part of our efforts to drive consumer adoption of HD," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "Consumers are already creating stunning HD content with Apple's leading video editing applications like iMovie HD and are anxiously awaiting a way to burn their own high def DVDs." Blu-Ray has growing support from tech companies and movie studios. Some of its biggest supporters are Samsung, Dell, Sony, Panasonic, Phillips, Mitsubishi, Disney and Twentieth Century Fox.

Apple are set to release QuickTime 7 in summer, which promises to have much better support for HD Video. Developed by Sony, Blu-Ray has a nice capacity of up to 50GB. However HD-DVD has got some advantages over Blu-Ray that its supporters like to boast about including backwards compatibility and its capability of data storage, when Blu-Ray is made primarily for Video.


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15 user comments

110.3.2005 12:53

its going to suck if we have another battle again, where we have to choose between them. i would like hd-dvd to win primarily because of the backward compatibility, and until they get rid of the big ass case i am totally against it... it will be a bitch having to have a compact disk drive and a blu-ray drive. FUCK APPLE!!!!!

210.3.2005 13:19

I think HD-DVD should have been 2 layers of HD-DVD instead of one. What is the point in having a single layer of old dvd technology. It would be different if they had come out with a 3 layer design. A DVD9 with a layer of HD-DVD would have been a better idea. Either way, you'll need a new drive/player to take advatage of HD-DVD or Blueray.

310.3.2005 13:38

Never mind, I guess HD-DVD does have 2 layers.(15GB ea) Blueray is a monster though. With the trouble each is going to, who knows what'll happen. Either way I guess I'll buy both.

410.3.2005 13:39

I thought the whole compatibility thing was just in the hardware used to make the actual discs, meaning you will still need a new player. I personally support Blu-Ray because of its higher capacity, and as I always say, no format is specifically for anything.

511.3.2005 17:31

i want bluray to work out cause i cant wait till i get my ps3!

611.3.2005 19:20

If you look at who's backing each format, blu-ray looks to have an advantage. The fact that movie studios are backing one or the other at this point really doesn't matter until we see what the masses will embrace.(Remember Nuon) I like that fact that there's competition for the next format. It'll push both sides to make a better(and hopefully cheaper) final product.

712.3.2005 1:30

Unless, wolfniggr, we have a repeat of the old VHS vs Beta war, when the best side (Beta) did not win!

812.3.2005 5:51

Now the real question? How do we back these disks up when this happens lol

912.3.2005 10:00

clifton51, why do you say beta was the best side? As far as how we back these up, first you buy a new burner, then update your software. I have the latest Nero update and in Nero InfoTool, not only does it detect if you have DVD-R DL capabilities it also checks for BluRay capabilities. Someone is getting ready at least.

1012.3.2005 10:08

OH YEAH! You can keep us down! :-)

1112.3.2005 12:22

Beta was the best side. It had much higher quality, but they didn't market it right, which is why VHS won out. Its proof enough that filmmakers and TV shows used the Beta format instead of VHS.

1212.3.2005 19:03

Well, the reason VHS won was because of the amount of video that could be put on VHS, compared to Beta. We may have been having multi-tape Beta releases as opposed to one-tape VHS releases. Beta was better, no doubt. But people seem to like quantity over quality in most cases. I like quality. I support BluRay, because of how much space it can hold, and the fact that more companies are supporting it. I wish this war could end simply, like the DVD+ and DVD- war. Manufacturers just have to make their players and drives read/write both. People and companies will make up their mind as to which to use, but it won't matter to anyone, especially the average consumers, which I would think most people here are NOT. If the war ever went this way, manufacturers would probably try to seal the difference in players between the two formats so people could never be confused. I'll buy a BluRay burner as soon as they are under $200. Hopefully burners that can write DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BluRay-R/RW, and HDDVD-R/RW will come out, just to stop confusion. Since Pioneer started the trend of being compatible with all, they can start the next one.

1314.3.2005 12:03

i don't really care who wins but it 's going to take a few years for everything else to catch up ie. harddrives i don't know about you guys but i have alot of dvd movies on my pc and considering that 6 mins of hd is 4.7 gb i'm not going to store many if not any

1412.4.2005 10:23

this is kinda emabarraing to ask since i just read every disscussion is the forum what is blueray and HD dvd is it just the new formats comeing out and what does it have to do with ps3 and dvds just a stupid question from a curiouse person

1513.4.2005 5:14

blu ray if I recall right is a way of storing information in countless formats on a 5 inch disc same size as a cd or dvd but can hold up to 25 gigs each side at the moment hd dvd not really sure on that not followed up on that format I dislike it blu ray is the way to go:)

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