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New music video download services

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Mar 2005 2:17 User comments (5)

New music video download services Pretty soon, everyone will be able to build collections of music videos due to deals including CinemaNow and MediaPass Network. CinemaNow has come to agreements with the Warner Music Group, Epitaph Records and TVT Records to sell their music videos. This is the first time music videos will be made specifically for Microsoft's Windows Mobile-based devices (Portable Media Centers, Pocket PCs, Smartphones etc..). is set to launch today with 75 music videos.
However, by December the company hopes to add another 1,500 music videos to its list, both new and old videos. Initially the service will offer some videos like Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". The music videos are expected to be offered for prices between $1.99 and $2.99. "We are thrilled to be working with the record labels as they explore this promising new revenue stream," CinemaNow president Bruce Eisen said. "We are equally as thrilled to be working with Microsoft's Windows Mobile division to continue to provide valuable content for their innovative product lines."

"This is the first time music fans can purchase videos the same way they do a music track," said Frank Barbieri, Microsoft's group product manager, Windows Mobile Media. "It's yours to own, so you can move it anywhere that supports Microsoft's Plays for Sure." Mediapass has a different way of offering however. It will allow you to watch music videos freely on the site but if you download them you will have to pay for them.


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5 user comments

116.3.2005 5:05

Buy music videos? WTF!? Music videos are promotional products for the CD and Singel nad should be free to download. -"I know let's make it so that customers have to pay for commercials" Bloody idiots!

216.3.2005 5:50

Music videos are promotional products for the CD and Singel nad should be free to download.
Exactly... And why should I pay up to 3 dollars for the same crap that I get on MTV? It´s not like I need to see a Destiny´s Child or Green Day video every 10 minutes.

316.3.2005 6:42

Hey all... And let's not all forget this... Why in the hell pay 3 dollars for a stupid video because if you wanted it, you can use a vcr, dvd recorder, or a tivo/dvr.... For some reason, I really don't think they put alot of thought into this, because who is going to spend $3 anyways.... Shoot...I'd rather spend the $3 and go to mcdonalds and get me something to least that way I know my money will be well spent! ;)

417.3.2005 13:14

WHy the hell should i pay for music videos when if i wanted to. id watch tv, donwload em, look for em on the dam artists site, or some other site and just watch em online, there bloody idiots

517.3.2005 13:32

Couldn't agree with you more, BIG.

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