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Doctor Who leak culprit sacked

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Mar 2005 2:34 User comments (29)

Doctor Who leak culprit sacked According to the BBC, the person who was responsible for leaking the first episode of the news series of Doctor Who has been found. However, this is not a BBC employee, but an employee of the Canadian Broadcasting Company. The BBC said just days after the leak that they suspected it came from someone at the Canadian Broadcasting Company,; the BBC's international production partner. The first episode of the new series, Rose, will be first shown on BBC on Saturday at 7pm but has been available for download for weeks now.
"After a thorough investigation by BBC Worldwide's Canadian broadcast partner, the source of the leak of episode one of the new Doctor Who series has been traced to a third party company in Canada which had an early preview copy for legitimate purposes. The individual responsible for the leak has had their employment terminated by that company as a result." BBC worldwide said in a statement. "BBC Worldwide is considering further legal remedies and takes extremely seriously any unlawful copying or misuse of its copyright material."

Not all believe the BBC's story however. Many believe that the BBC leaked the episode themselves in a practice known as viral advertising. The BBC had gotten in experts to explain viral advertising to them and if this was their first attempt, then it was a success because the show is now more anticipated than it was before the "leak". Of course, the BBC denied this as quickly as they could.

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29 user comments

125.3.2005 8:20

These guys are kind of stupid, they fire some poor person because they didn't want to admit that they leaked the episode themselves?!? That, my friends, is a act of stupidity. lol Peace Pop Smith

225.3.2005 8:28

Like one conspiracy theory after the other... They know fully well they went ahead and leaked the episode, they aren't just going to admit it. But they might as well, not like they called in the viral advertisers just so they could have someone to talk too cause they are bored. ;)

325.3.2005 9:52

Or mabey, just mabey, it got leaked the way most things do, by that one guy. I know, it's wild theory i have. LOL. :)

425.3.2005 10:07

One can't really say, malcdogg. Who knows what really happened? Like they would tell the truth about it anyways if they DID do it on purpose.

525.3.2005 10:30

True, has anyone watched the episode? Is it any good? If i remember the old episodes it was some guy with an afro right?

625.3.2005 10:31

NM, just shaggy hair. :)

725.3.2005 10:39

I think I watched the show like ONE time, but I wasn't interested. But if it showed up here in the states, I might have had a look at it. I don't know if it even comes on over here, to be honest with you.

825.3.2005 11:32

It may, Battlestar did. I remeber i didn't like the older version of that show either. The new one is ok though, so mabey Dr Who will be ok. Time will tell.

925.3.2005 11:47

BattleStar Galactica just got released on the Sci Fi Channel here. Just an updated version of it. Looks pretty cool, but don't watch tv. But yeah...only time will tell about the Dr. Who shows.

1025.3.2005 13:39

Dr. Who has been available in Americon on PBS for years.. and has a big following...

1125.3.2005 14:58

I'm sure it is, but I don't really watch PBS... But I will be sure to check it out. ;)

1225.3.2005 17:07

sorry but the first two comments in this thread are a bit stupid and lack do you know that it was definitely the big bad BBC and that they sacked an "innocent" canadian employee to cover it up ? If that was the case the resulting scandal would be even bigger than the original leak...i'm not defending them but it's absurd to assume all coprorations are automatically guilty of everything that happens out there....individual humans can be just as bad or sly. who knows what really happened ? answer - none of us, sos top assuming that you do

1325.3.2005 17:14

none of us, sos top assuming that you do
Seriously, maybe you should lighten up... We all have our say in here, but just because you think our comments are stupid, that's your own problem. It is anyone's guess what really happened, and I am not saying that they are guilty or they aren't. But to sit there and pin your opinions on us, is quite childish. I could really care less what you think about my comment and, I understand that you have an issue with what we said, but it is best to just keep that to yourself, and let us know what YOU feel about the ARTICLE and instead of pinning your agressions on us. Know sense of your first words being:
sorry but the first two comments in this thread are a bit stupid and lack substance...
But thanks for the comment. ;)
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"From now on we are poison to you Spider-man...Thats why we call ourselves...VENOM"

1425.3.2005 22:15

does anybody know where i can get the doc who download?

1525.3.2005 22:24

Hey, fancymojo, I don't know if there are any sites out there to get Doctor Who episodes, but I am sure you can get them through file sharing programs. It shouldn't be too hard to find them. But I am sure that once it is released, it won't take ANY time for it to be downloaded like crazy by viewers...if not already. ;)

1626.3.2005 1:38

The real truth ..... is that The Master nicked the pilot episode, went back in time, showed it to the Daleks and it was they who uploaded it in an attempt to destabilise the worlds entertainment networks. Will those Daleks stop at nothing..... LOL syeberman

1726.3.2005 7:27

@syeberman LOL! Now that is pretty funny! I almost bought that one! ;)

1826.3.2005 18:13

and those responsible for the sacking have also been sacked

1927.3.2005 0:52

hahahah unlucky bbc

2027.3.2005 22:46

Your saying that the BBC are just covering up that they leaked it themselves.. They Got Evidence and sacked someone! They wouldn't do that if they didn't actually know who did it.

2127.3.2005 22:54

Kinda sucks its only on the BBC and us Americans will have to wait....The New Dr. is not as ecentric as I remember the others. Also, dont remember anything about living plastic either. But of course its been about 15 years sense I have seen and episode. The leading girl....well you get use to her, she gets better looking by the end of the episode.

2228.3.2005 5:21

As nanu-nanu said on 28 March 2005 at 3:54: "Also, dont remember anything about living plastic either. But of course its been about 15 years sense I have seen and episode." The Autons (Pertwee era) as featured in the episodes "Terror of the Autons" and "Spearhead from Space" I wish they would have mentioned Autons by name in the new episode though, would have better bridged the old series with the new.

2328.3.2005 6:26

BTW...LOL! I think the new Doctor Who episodes are now on torrent sites. I am not sure if they are the new ones or what, but I saw them there at the top of the list. ;)

2429.3.2005 12:56

I really don't care how the info got out. What I do care about is where to watch it. I know its on BBC 1 Saturday nights but there is a problem. I'm in the USA. I do have a BBC America channel compliments of Dish Network. The web site for this channel is awful and dificult to find information. So if anyone knows when and where the new Dr. Who will be on in USA please let me know. The first episode already aired on BBC. Venom you mentioned torrent sites. That is a new term for me will need to figure it out. Thanks -Del

2529.3.2005 13:20

No problem Del...yeah, on another one of my many downloading ventures, I saw them on there. Now, I don't truly know if they are the recent episodes, but I know I definately saw them, and they were on the TOP of the list, and you can obviously say that the ones on top are the newest stuff to come out. If they are still there, I will post the site addy, but in the mean time, if you want to do torrents, you may want to try Bit Tornado, that is what I just started using, but whatever you want to use is cool, just a suggestion. Have a good one!!!! ;) -------------------------------------------------------- *UPDATE* I just did a search and it DIDN'T take any time at, ladies and gentleman, if you want them, here you go: Enjoy!!! ;)

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"From now on we are poison to you Spider-man...Thats why we call ourselves...VENOM"

2624.4.2005 16:58

The new doctor who is rubbish, no storyline! its just bad!! no suspense!! no build up!! just 45 mins of fast food TV!! the bad effects from the classics beats this junk!! I can see this series falling on its head, people will lose interest in time, pretty effects and references to modern day life will not save it. Billie Piper's pop career was more interesting!!! I shall remember doctor who when it was decent! the classics had much better writers, not some guy who has a history of awful shows, queer as folk? give me a break

2725.4.2005 8:44

well it smells like someone got an idea and ran with it befor they asked if they could and when they did it was way to late and some poor tech who said yeah I can post that for ya just got shit on .... welcome to management....and yes there was on dr who with a frooo in the first set of shows there were 5 difrnt dr whos from difrent times and they all came together only on 1 show ...

2825.4.2005 9:18

"I can see this series falling on its head, people will lose interest in time, pretty effects and references to modern day life will not save it." But it''s exactly the pretty effects and modern day references that will SAVE this show! That''s why Doctor Who was cancelled in the first place back in 1989. It was considered out of date and an anachronism. It refused to progress with the times, so the execs killed it off. 7.2 million people watched this past week don''t think it will die anytime soon. Hope you enjoy Celebrity Wrestling.

2925.4.2005 10:05

You have to have "The Master" Where is he? I may be ignorent since I had to stop watching Dr Who midway throgh the guy after Tom Baker. Local PBS dropped it and the internet was not around yet. So if The Master was killed I don''t kow about it. Since when did the Doctor solve the problem in one episode? -Del

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