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Sony PSPs with dead pixels go under warranty

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 30 Mar 2005 7:28 User comments (20)

Sony PSPs with dead pixels go under warranty The Sony Corporation has responded to the dead pixel issue with a response that will bring relief to the Playstation Portable (PSP) owners. The black pixels are a common problem in the LCD technology, and were very common in the earlier PC LCD monitors. But the production processes have improved, and such displays are far less common these days, and customer have learned to expect 100% quality.
Sony Corporation stirred the audiences at first by suggesting that dead pixels on the display of the PSP was not a sufficient reason to replace the unit under warranty. But now they have made an announcement that the unit can be replaced, but Sony recommends to use the unit for few weeks before replacing, in order to find out if the defect really harms the playing experience.
The Sony rep suggested that PSP owners who encounter the pixel issue should try the device "for a week or two" to see if it continues to bother them. "If you find the spots are interfering with gameplay/video viewing during this period, we will support the various elements of [the PSP] warranty," the rep said. Each PSP comes with a one-year limited warranty, which is on page 125 of the PSP manual. If a PSP is "determined to be defective" by SCEA, the company will see to the "repair or replacement of this product [the PSP] with a new or refurbished product at SCEA's option."
Source: GameSpot

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20 user comments

130.3.2005 8:37

Replace them now, ASAP. So you won't get a refurbished unit. I mean the shell should be new whether it's refurbished or not. But you really don't want a refurbished sticker on back of your PSP it lowers your resale value. BTW I don't own one, just trying to help.

230.3.2005 9:52

Lol, I love the response. "Keep the unit and play with it untill the problem disappears." Now what if it blanks out after the warranty is done, then your stuck and they dont have to replace a thing. Highway robbery I tell ya. =D

330.3.2005 10:02

i was thinking about buying one post order guess i will canncel that now

430.3.2005 12:13

speak of the Devil...haha...check penny-arcades comic on this...hahaha

530.3.2005 14:32

pffftt....just get a free PSP you don't have to worry about spending alot of money.

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630.3.2005 15:06

Just buy it in a store like Walmart and return it for a new one if you get a dead pixel. What's the big deal. I just bought one at Walmart and no dead pixels. The one thing that suprised me was how shiny and black the surface of it is.

730.3.2005 15:55

Just got mine it is great. nothing is wrong with it, it is perfect. The fact that you can watch movies on it is great.

830.3.2005 16:00

faizal5k, Are you serious!!! I think it's time to read the forum rules if you want to continue to post on aD.

930.3.2005 16:06

my bad. I changed the sig. sorry about that. Does anyone know when the next shipment of PSP systems will come to America?

1030.3.2005 16:18

They are here right now just go to best buy or a place like that.

1131.3.2005 3:29

the thing is i live in europe the psp hasent been relesed yet it will come in like september and i wont wait that long thats why i want to postorder anyone knows a cheap internet store?

1231.3.2005 3:59

Try e-Bay. There are lots of US versions that people are willing to ship to Europe. Cost is about E30 for shipping from what I've seen.

1331.3.2005 4:39

thanks i alredy know a jappanese internet store but if i would buy one there i would (of course) get the jappanese version and i want the american becuse then i dont have to upgrade to v 1,5

1431.3.2005 8:30

how secure is it to buy from ebay?

1531.3.2005 10:21

it's pretty secure actually. I have bought lots of things from eBay and not had ONE single fraud. eBay says in their listings, fraud happens 1 in 40,000 eBay listings. Plus look at their feedback. Try to look for someone with at least 100 positive feedback. I only buy from people that have at least 100 + feedback

1619.4.2005 2:28

best place to get an import is, i just bought one for 180 with tony hawks underground remix and delivery. You can get all the latest us games their as well great site i will post a note once i recive my psp.

1719.4.2005 4:39

arent you a bit worrid about the customs fee thats the reson i didnt bought mine from lik-sang. does anyone knows what happends if the guy you are buying from dosent sed you youre stuff? im not especilly worried thou, the guy im buying from was a power seller:)

1819.4.2005 5:00

it is really unlikely to get caught by customs and its a gamble im willing to take. What game did you get with your psp. if you do not recive your item from ebay you will be protected paypal as long as you used paypal. and the best thing you can do is leave bad feedback

1919.4.2005 6:08

ok thanks. maybe im youst a bit scared of buying from lik-sang becuse i called swedeish customs yesterday and they were like you will have to pay 25%in tax+ 5%custums fee tax bla bla bla... and theres now way will miss to give you tax gues/hopes thats not true. so maybe i will try to buy from lik-sang to:)

2019.4.2005 15:19

I got mine this afternoon from super-overpriced shop in Caracas...a black market import from the States. It rocks so much that my 5yr old hasn't let me touch it for hours! The unit has no pixel probs, although the memstick is pathetic...and no USB cable...but I love Need for Speed!

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