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Written by Jari Ketola @ 31 Mar 2005 3:33 User comments (16)

Downtime at All services were down from approximately 5:10AM EST to 8:22AM EST this morning. The downtime was caused by problems at our ISP, which ranged from complete network outage to nameserver problems.
Hopefully the issues have now been resolved. At the time of writing all hosted sites, including the discussion forums, DVD X Copy forums, and are fully functional.

We are extremely sorry about the inconvenience.


Jari Ketola
CTO, AfterDawn Ltd

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16 user comments

131.3.2005 5:50

Scary Stuff..

231.3.2005 7:18

Did anyone experience any problems?

331.3.2005 7:24

not me as i was asleep

431.3.2005 7:40

yeah becuse i live in europe when it 0000 in the u.s its 0600 were i live

531.3.2005 9:14

Everything was Cool at 3:00 A.M. And i'm never up before 11 anyway. If a tree falls down in a forest where no one is to hear it, Does it still make a sound?

631.3.2005 11:05

I was up lol...every morning at around 6:50am I go on my computer and open up FireFox....and afterdawn is my hompage well anyway....I heard the tree...and it made a sound

731.3.2005 11:22

i was wondering what was going on at 6:10 this morning...i wanted to hit AD before i left school *chuckles* AD is my homepage on FF, as well :)

831.3.2005 11:29

Glad it's all up and running now! =D

931.3.2005 11:58

Thank God for that...wouldn't know what to do with my free time if it wasn't! ;P

1031.3.2005 12:47

you poor little boy!!!!!

1131.3.2005 13:02

@Auslander, lol exact same stuff on my side of things.

1231.3.2005 13:13

hmmm...seems to be a common thing now, Pop_Smith

1331.3.2005 14:20

@ddp... LMAO!!! Yeah...what can I say...I need the fix! ;)

1431.3.2005 16:29

WOW! I am glad they got it back up and running.

151.4.2005 16:39

it was down.

162.4.2005 1:47

qoute it was down. @ lajr1980 LOL

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