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Nintendo Revolution console may not be shown at E3

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 Apr 2005 20:42 User comments (18)

Nintendo Revolution console may not be shown at E3 Most hardcore gamers canít wait to see what the next gen consoles have in store for them and at E3. Sony and Microsoft will be displaying the eagerly awaited PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360. However, the Nintendo Revolution console may not appear there according to EuroGamer. Apparently there will be a few rolling demos of games currently in development, but no console or controller on display. Gamers will be disappointed no doubt but will probably still be blown away by the PS3 and XBOX 360.
Apparently, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata is worried about rivals nicking all his best ideas at this early stage. That line sounds familiar because it is the exact same excuse Nintendo used to avoid showing Mario 128 at a previous E3. Instead Nintendo will be focusing most on its new Nintendo Online service which will be demonstrated using the DS handheld console.


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18 user comments

119.4.2005 21:50

does not bother me I like sony and Microsoft better.

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220.4.2005 1:45

I like em all, cant wait till they all are released : ) Plus Mario 128, That will be somthing that im looking foward too!

320.4.2005 7:26

evein if it were there i no most peopl would go to see xbox and ps3 first before nintendo revolution

420.4.2005 8:17

Yeah i think Xbox and Playstation have an equal fanbase split between them and nintendo just trailing, but there still are a huge number of people that are die hard nintendo fans and i bet they cant wait to see the revolution.... Personaly i cant wait to see all of them : )

520.4.2005 8:39

I don't really care about any of these systems because I don't have time in my life to sit and play video games along with school and work. It's not worth it, to waste that much time to "beat a game" what does that get you in life, nowhere...

620.4.2005 8:49

OK baconbob!! Games can be fun, adictive and exciting for many people and we might like talking about these kind of things, obviously not you though which is fair enough : )

720.4.2005 9:32

baconbob, you got a good point there. Everybody stop playing games and go on to your daily routine, your daily life, go to school, college, and work, have kids, then die. Don't waste your time playing games when you can waste your time in the rat race of life, waste your entire life in the capitalistic system of wires and tubes, flesh, and bones. Follow the line, who cares where society is heading, just follow the rules, like everybody else. That's a great advise. The only thing is, whether you spent time playing games or sitting in a desk working your ass off, still life is going to take you to the same place. A nice cementery. See you there banconbob.

820.4.2005 10:41

hmmm...well, Jauzzi....what you said is jumping to conclusions. I'm currently in a band and things are starting to pick up for us, and i have absolutely zilch time to play computer games. Infact, the only time i get on the computer is to check up on news announcements on sites like this, and my emails. jsut wanted to point out, that i'm not in the 'rat race', or 'following the rules' but still dont have time. stop thinking your so darned rebellious.... you're different to the rest obviously, but remember...the rest are different too...meaning you're just plain normal. :) there's a difference between rebelling and jsut being a no-good bum. Dan x

920.4.2005 10:49

baconbob --- But you have time to read and reply to an article about Nintendo though?

1020.4.2005 13:12

Stop the dicussion right there, but continue on about the DICUSSION about Revolution. Afterall, this is what the comments are intended for. I won't be going to E3, sure as hell want to go though, but if Revolution pulls this trick off again, they're going to be losing a lot of potential customers.

1120.4.2005 13:12

WOW baconbob. somebody has been denied in life. Not only are video games fun, but they help in problem solving and hand/ey coordination. That is of course it they are played in moderation. I myself own an XBOX, PS2, and GC and I may get a few hours a month in, but its a great escape from the real world. If video games are a waste of time so is other entertainment like movies and TV. Maybe the world should not allow any entertainment and then baconbob will be happy with work and school

1220.4.2005 13:33

bobiroc respect what Toiletman just said and just leave it there. -Mike

1320.4.2005 15:37

I think it's more like he wants to get ideas about the other systems only to end up screwing it up like all the last systems they put out. I wish Sega was still around and Nintendo suffered their fate. Besides the longer they wait the longer I get to go without seeing a new game with the same charactors as all the games I've seen from them for the last 15years.

1420.4.2005 16:14

isnt ps3 gonna have the internet?

1521.4.2005 5:00

@wflame I think all these consoles are aiming to make online gameplay a standard for every home... you wont have to play with your mate sitting next to you, but play someone on the other side of the world. Just like XBOX live has done, but i think the "online" will be promoted more with these next gen consoles.

smoke me a kipper i'll be back for breakfast - Ace

1624.4.2005 6:10

I thought Sega was great and dreamcast was fantastic , its just a shame the marketing department were so darn crap!. Nintendo are too concerned with the MONEY they make in the gameboy franchise to really care too much about the other stuff. I mean mario is DONE!! let him R.I.P. I personally dont think too much of online gaming..its all right for something different but nothing beats hooking up with mates and making a night of it. Its also very expensive for companies to provide a good service.

1718.7.2005 10:26

It seems in lots of surveys done on internet sites that most people will go for the Revolution. Why? Not just improved graphics, but new controller design which could change the way we play games, hence the name recolution. it will offer more value for money and have new innovative ideas, except Sony and Microsoft. Look at the Nintendo DS, and the way you can now play games in a new way, and makes games one step closer to what will eventually be truly interactive entertainment. Nintendo always lead the way in innovation, originality and gameplay, but people ignore it because it doesnt have a Mature or 18+ rating, despite most games in those categories are totally cack, and most "casual" gamers buy because they have gore.Is that really what we want on our next gen consoles?. Who cares if theres a dot of yellow, it doesnt mean its for kids. P.s. anyone think that the gamecube is second in power compared to XBOX? Then download the videos of Resident Evil 4 off and look at what has universally been agreed as the best graphics on any system. Anyone who believes the PS2 is the most powerful console, think again. The hardware is 7 years old now, and technologies come a long way since then. Just look at the PS 2 version if RE4, it doesnt look nowhere as good as the GC version.

1818.7.2005 10:34

Mario and the rest of the Nintendo cast shoudnt die. they are still much loved, and mario happens to be one of the best platformer (and just about every other game he does) around and is still conseidered great, but too often it is overlooked because of the graphics. and anyway nintendo still come up with loads of new games not all what idiots may call "kiddy" games, despite being some the best games that have been created on this generation of consoles. Nintendo have made or helped made a number of adult games, including Eternal Darkness, and the upcoming Geist which looks to be great are all basically made by Nintendo, and are great games with original and innovative ideas.

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